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Top Gear Filming - 9th August

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Right, firstly I'm so happy I can continue this =] For all our new members, this is me and others reinacting and filming Top Gear when they drive the Supercars to the South of France.


I will not be allowing people to come who I:

a) know I have a connection problem with

b) havn't cruised with before

This is to make sure or at least try to reduce the amount of lag I will get as TDU servers are shody ... =[ Sorry.



Saturday 9th - 8pm BST (8pm BST is 6.2hrs from now) - Meet at Bottom left lighthouse


Filming: Iced_Bullet





2 Extras can come if they wish, no to film, but to traffic block =]




Please also, add these bookmarks: (If you added them before don't worry)






instructions on how to import bookmarks ... go here - http://www.wolf.lightning-bolt.net/tdu-faq/index.html and click on 'bookmarks' on the left.

"Top Gear Film 1" 14 12856.57 91.15 29820.12 0.983 -0.075 -0.169 434923498

"Top Gear Film 2" 15 40717.60 201.83 25377.07 -0.255 -0.139 0.957 434919803

"Top Gear Film 3" 16 38722.98 58.66 39536.79 -0.965 -0.018 0.262 427915592

"Top Gear Film 4" 17 55944.17 24.86 40222.26 0.284 0.060 -0.957 431311871

"Top Gear Film 5" 18 20805.84 44.78 43312.50 -0.433 0.005 -0.902 427922878

"Top Gear Film 6" 19 42966.47 1.94 48107.13 -0.742 0.002 -0.670 431312725






PLEASE USE THESE F430 RIMS - as we will be doing a lot of close up filming.



PLEASE USE OTHER FORD GT RIMS - as we will be doing a lot of close up filming.



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