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  1. I think this car need sound mod!I will try my best for this car.
  2. fix the transition sound...you have alot of different samples at one place! :)
  3. Thanks for your opinion.This is a 10min. mod :D however i want to know what you dont like about the mod?It's very important for me.
  4. I'ts me again, i promise i will stop releasing mods but for now i will. :D So here i have something for you.Because there is some v10 bmw good and smooth and clean version, i decide to give you something harder V10 TURBO. SORRY FOR THE STARTING SOUND I WILL FIX IT TOMORROW!!! Preview: Download: RUF_Spyder_audio.bnk I promise other mods for today but they will be released soon: Mercedes G65 Ferrari Colection Ford cosworth turbo Lamborghini gallardo v10 twin turbo You are not able to edit and share on other sites! If you dont like the sound mod please PM me to told me what you dont like about it!!Very important for me. :)
  5. i'm not a moder so i dont need one :)
  6. dudeee you are awesome ,somewhere i have a beta version that i never finished up!It will be released tomorrow +3 sound mods more.
  7. v12 :) This mod will become bad ass with the next update i promise!
  8. This is my second sound mod for now, the update will be released in two or three days and the change's will be in startup ,hi revs sounds!Sorry for the video but i use 3-4 softwares and maybe tryet to record more that 20 times and at the last video i'm very nervous! 2 more mod's coming: Ferrari v12 Porsche boxer The mods are ready but still in beta version! Preview: Download link: RUF_T12_audio.bnk you can rename it! Please comment and rep if you like it! You are not able to edit and share on other sites! : )
  9. Thanks dude, comments like this will make me do more mods! :)
  10. For now i cant make a preview video because my tdu is not working.So to be onest this is my first sound mod. credits goes to the drifter for helping me with samples! :) Preview: Download link: SKYGTR_audio.bnk Please comment and rep if you like it! You are not able to edit and share on other sites! : )
  11. I remove the old photos because i don't like them and starting upload only newer! Honda civic Type-R Subaru Impreza sti Lamborghini gallardo SE: Lamborghini aventador Dodge viper What doyo think?To continue or not :)
  12. Can someone make the volvo 940 se spoiler version? Here is some pictures of the car: http://trialx.com/curetalk/wp-content/blogs.dir/7/files/2011/06/cars/1992_Volvo_940-3.jpg http://i979.photobucket.com/albums/ae275/tbirderic/94Volvo940Turbo001.jpg http://www.volvospecialists-gbautos.co.uk/image_library/library/v/vol/volvospecialists-gbautos.co.uk/orig_Volvo_940.jpg 3D model here: 3D CAD Browser - 3D Model Preview - Volvo 940
  13. When i click on tdupe.exe icon it's show me that massage: ImageShack - Online Photo and Video Hosting How can i fix this? :)
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