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  1. It's hard to believe LFS is still going with so much competition out there. I did always enjoy it though, the physics to me were near perfect. Good to see it's starting to catch up graphics-wise.
  2. Thank you, Xbox One, for deleting FH4 12 hours after it finished downloading. Helpful.
  3. ..raise a report and we can change it (and hopefully soon change your permissions)
  4. @[13411:@Dux] not sure you can edit the original post unless you're of a certain user group but go ahead and post a new link in a new post and..
  5. [quote name='Diablo']To be honest not really a fan of the the Alfa Romeo design, @TIMELESS it seems I have misconception about hybrid, so my apology after doing some research, Lexus hybrid seems pretty good will go test drive at a dealer near my lease end[/QUOTE] Yeah go check them out, I think they're a more realistic/practical option right now until electric cars are more developed and the infrastructure too. Let us know how you get on :)
  6. Yea why not buy and dump in 3 years? There'll be a bit of depreciation but the majority of it has already happened. Lexus are usually a good buy and easy to sell on in the US when the time comes.
  7. Pretty sure if you needed to find petrol ("gas") in the middle of the Mojave you'd have no issue but you'd be screwed looking for a charging station, for example. Then there's the fact that you're probably charging your eco-friendly electric car with electricity produced by fossil fuels, coal, etc not clean electric like solar, wind, etc. With a hybrid you would do just one though. Fuel it up the old fashioned way and the engine charges the batteries. You get better MPG, extended range, and full electric mode for enough miles for town driving.
  8. But doesn't need to rely on an incomplete infrastructure. Pros and cons ya know. Now, plug-in hybrids, that's a gimmick I don't get.
  9. What about a Lexus? Not full EV but hybrid, excellent interiors, great sound systems (even the standard Lexus ones), and a good range of sizes and car types (ie sportier car, big boat for cruising, SUV, etc). Would make me happy. @Microphone yeah shut up you.
  10. Oh snap boss, congrats! Any idea about the ETA? @Loz That is amazing. @RobikV3 Lovely GTI dude.
  11. Updated the OP with all the information I can come across right now. Hopefully there will be a more detailed press release soon :) I'm honestly most excited for the idea of taxing across the UK. That's the dream, right?
  12. Welcome To Blighty, Mate! Yeah sorry... cliche, I know. Unbelievable. The location of Forza Horizon 4 is the UK? Well bloody 'ell I'm excited. As IGN put it "Playground’s Britain looks to me like a decade of Top Gear episodes brought to life," and what's not to love about that? But anyway that's not all that's exciting. Let's get into the nitty-gritty. Location: 'Beautiful, Historic Britain' - So far there's only confirmation of England and Scotland (Edinburgh, Lake District, Cotswolds, etc), but I'm hoping we'll also see the excellent Welsh driving roads and of course the Isle of Man. (And yeah I wouldn't mind seeing my home country of NI... but that's unlikely now isn't it?) Dynamic livestock and fields! No really. "So wheat fields will appear green and fresh in spring [and] return to their characteristic golden colour in summer. In autumn you’ll see all that harvested and baled up, ready to go, and in winter obviously the field will be fallow" - art director Ben Penrose. New driving surfaces: dry mud, wet mud, compact snow, deep snow, ice, etc. There's an off-road adventure park! Vehicles: Over 450 vehicles. New customisation options such as 'Drift Suspension'. Cover cars are McLaren Senna and Land Rover Defender 90 - God bless the Queen! Gameplay: Shared world - goodbye drivatars! :D With up to 72 players per server there's no more need for drivatars.. isn't that fantastic? Don't fear the rammers - only your friends can crash into you. Strangers will be ghosted on contact. It's Not Always Online - if you're a bit of a lone wolf like myself you'll be happy to hear you can go be alone if you want. Well... alone with the drivatars. Seasons - Dynamic seasons; "Every season changes the world around you". Dynamic time of day. Dynamic weather. Dynamic seasons, TOD, and weather will be synced for every player so you'll experience it all together at the same time. Each season will last for 1 week. Purchase properties - Oh hi, TDU! Apparently, this includes Edinburgh Castle... I wonder how many Forzabucks that'll cost? Purchase businesses - Have you dreamt of owning your own taxi firm? You're in luck. 60FPS mode available on the Xbox X. Native 4K and HDR. Quick-chat - use the D-Pad to communicate with other players, useful for us Xboxers who CBA with a microphone! Co-Op - seamlessly enter co-op from within the game world. Up to 6 players. Forzathon Live - world events available for up to 12 players. Horizon Stories - Sounds reminiscent of TDU/TDU2 driving contracts; a bunch of "cool driving opportunities" like being a stunt driver in a movie. Avatar customisation - Sounds familiar, doesn't it? 500 apparel choices for both genders and even post-race emotes/reactions like GTA. More details when we have them :) Release date: October 2nd, 2018
  13. Live stream here: You can find alternatives in the OP. I'm excited to see what's next for Forza.. as always, and utterly bewildered that there's going to be a new Fallout. Can't wait. It's gonna' be a good E3.
  14. The EA conference kicks off in about 3 hours! Here's a few teasers..
  15. [quote name='Milli']Well, we like it or not, he has a huge public.[/QUOTE] 1 million views in less than a day, damn yes he does lol. Chuffed for @Soul Challenger
  16. IIRC all GameFront links are dead due to a crash some years back, lots of data loss. And as Milli said you'll also find some modders have quit and deleted their downloads. If you find any dead links feel free to post in the threads, we'll mark it dead and update the OP if there's a new link. Thanks :)
  17. Wow - I hate PDP but still that's great to see. You're getting some great press! lol Updated the OP with the download link :)
  18. Was browsing Reddit today and actually came across a comment about the game: [MEDIA=reddit]AskReddit/comments/8nk1ec/which_creepy_urban_legend_turned_out_to_be_true/dzw95pw[/MEDIA] So glad to see you getting some internet fame :) Can't wait to try it.
  19. My DS3 currently has crash damage to it's face... so I hate you all :(
  20. Horizon 4 woop woop. 3 was such an improvement on 2 so here's hoping the trend continues.
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