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  1. hey guys,does some one have the mod with 2D tree mods made by illusion? (iLLusion: 2D Pine Tree Pack aka 2DPTP - Page 2 | turboduck Forum)
  2. hi, can you convert a Mercedes Sprinter to TDU? Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 CDI 3D Model Download | 3D CAD Browser it will be something way different
  3. Radu-Cristian

    DOS Games!

    i love that times when gaming was not all about graphics as today
  4. Radu-Cristian

    Retro Gaming #5: NFS Porsche Unleashed

    does anyone have problem with blured letters in game menu? some times textures of menu and some of cars have textures blured...
  5. Radu-Cristian

    Retro Gaming #5: NFS Porsche Unleashed

    i have it on win7... it still works ... also i got tools for making cars for this one :D
  6. man, sry for making here a request.. but.. can yoi make this Supra? http://blog.dupontregistry.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/paul-walker-supra1.jpg
  7. Radu-Cristian

    If you could turn back time

    1999 Half Life would be.. no matter what :D
  8. eu am facut dacii doar pentru seria nfs, nfs4,5,u2.. de curand am incercat si eu sa fac ptr TDU
  9. where can i download your 2D Pine Tree Pack aka 2DPTP mod? is not anymore on gamefront... can you email me at [email protected] thanks very much for your incredible mods made for TDU have a good day, Radu
  10. Radu-Cristian

    Tires look flat, which value to change?

    so, how can we change tire sizes?
  11. Radu-Cristian

    Missing traffic after mod

    SSR ---D_CAR ------FORK_FL ---------STIRRUP_FL ------------STIR_FL ------------DISC_FL ---------------BRAKE_FL ---------------WLR_FL ---------------D_RIM_FL ---------------D_TIRE_FL ------FORK_FR ---------STIRRUP_FR ------------STIR_FR ------------DISC_FR ---------------BRAKE_FR ---------------WLR_FR ---------------D_RIM_FR ---------------D_TIRE_FR ------FORK_RL ---------STIRRUP_RL ------------STIR_RL ------------DISC_RL ---------------BRAKE_RL ---------------WLR_RL ---------------D_RIM_RL ---------------D_TIRE_RL ------FORK_RR ---------STIRRUP_RR ------------STIR_RR ------------DISC_RR ---------------BRAKE_RR ---------------WLR_RR ---------------D_RIM_RR ---------------D_TIRE_RR ------SPRG_FL ------SPRG_FR ------SPRG_RL ------SPRG_RR ------PLATE ------DOOR_R ---------INT_LR_R ---------WND_R1 ---------WND_R2 ---------D_INT_HR_R ---------RV_R ------------RV_HR (20.00) ------------RV_LR (400.00) ------DOOR_L ---------INT_LR_L ---------WND_L1 ---------D_INT_HR_L ---------WND_L2 ---------RV_L ------------RV_HR (20.00) ------------RV_LR (400.00) ------WIPER_R ------WIPER_L ------BODY_LR ------FA_W_RR ------FA_W_RL ------FA_L_FR2 ------FA_L_FR1 ------FA_S_RR ------FA_S_RL ------FA_L_FL2 ------FA_L_FL1 ------FA_B_RR ------FA_B_RL ------FA_R_RR ------FA_B_RR2 ------COCK_LR ---------STEER_LR ------------HAND_LR_L ------------HAND_LR_R ---------FOOT_LR_L ---------FOOT_LR_R ---------GEAR_LR ---------HBK_LR ---------RADIO_LR ---------SEAT_LR ------------BACK_LR_L ------------DVRSEAT_LR ---------SEAT_LR_R ------------BACK_LR_R ------------PSGFOOT_LR_L ------------PSGFOOT_LR_R ------------PSGSEAT_LR ------BODY_HR ------plane(a object of my) ---D_SHADOW ------DS-CA_FL ------DS-CA_RR ------DS-CA_RL ------DS-CA_FR ---D_SPLANE --- Post Updated --- Material Editor: WS_FORK [87]ORK_ALF [96 94 9F BE 84 86]_D (GLT) [88]LR_FR_0 WS_SPRG WS_plate (BMP) BLACK (PNT) PAINT METAL DETAIL COCK_LR C1_LR GLASS MIRROR (GLT) GRID (BMP) PAINT1 (GLT) LOGO1 (PNT) LOGO (PNT) LGT_LR (PNT LIT) [A4]S_GASCA (PNT GLT BMP) GLASS_2 LGT_RR (PNT LIT) LGT_FL (PNT LIT) LGT_FR (PNT LIT) EXHAUST (PNT) PAINT_LR BOTTOM FRL_W (CLR) FRL_L (CLR) FRL_S (CLR) FRL_F (CLR) D_SHADOW WHEEL_LR (CLR) SHADOW (CLR) DOOR (GLT) C1_DOOR (GLT) DOOR_01 (GLT) STEER_HR (GLT) C1_REAR (GLT) REAR (GLT) HUD (LIT) FLOOR BASCOTE (BMP) [73 81]CK_HR_ COCK_HR1 (GLT) C1_COCK (GLT) SEAT (GLT) C1_SEAT (GLT) SEAT_01 (GLT) [84]TEER_HR LOGO_I MIRROR_I (GLT) GLASS_I CASTHA [87 AB 76 72 7F]GT_ (GLT) [8D 9B 8D 90]_GT_
  12. Radu-Cristian

    Missing traffic after mod

    i have made a car for TDU and while i'm playing with it, traffic dissapears step by step car by car, after that, done, streets are empty. after all cars dissapears, if i'm trying to get back in garrage, game freezes. if i change with another modded car, before traffic dissapears, anything stays put, if not this is what it happens. i think all it happens whilme i'm using my car... does anyone got that before? with anymod? i have'nt change anything in db's only some zmodeler generated files in order to use my mod and some textures in bnks so it will look good.. that's all... even after i quit the game, game give's ''Don't send error'' what seems to be the problem? anyone has any idea why it happens? much appreciations for those who help me, i really really trying to make cars for TDU
  13. Radu-Cristian

    Forza 5 Car List, Thoughts?

    i hope they will introduce dacia, even james may is a dacia fan :)