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  1. hey guys,does some one have the mod with 2D tree mods made by illusion? (iLLusion: 2D Pine Tree Pack aka 2DPTP - Page 2 | turboduck Forum)
  2. thanks for this charger.. i've been looking for long time
  3. wow nice.. but why not a simple black/dark grey interior? why red?
  4. either a virus or video drivers, i got the same a long time ago
  5. i love that times when gaming was not all about graphics as today
  6. well.. can you do the 2011 Charger with a Ferrari logo? :D :P
  7. does anyone have problem with blured letters in game menu? some times textures of menu and some of cars have textures blured...
  8. i have it on win7... it still works ... also i got tools for making cars for this one :D
  9. man, sry for making here a request.. but.. can yoi make this Supra? http://blog.dupontregistry.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/paul-walker-supra1.jpg

    1. 1999 Half Life would be.. no matter what :D
    2. light flares in deed uhm.. i did something like that but when i compile the model and put it in game they have a different position :fp: take a look at reverse light
    3. eu am facut dacii doar pentru seria nfs, nfs4,5,u2.. de curand am incercat si eu sa fac ptr TDU

      1. yep.. who else will convert a Dacia for me?! long time ago, i still have some problems with lights
      2. nice car! good conversion will you do the Urus? p.s. God bless your country, i hope you are not very affected by the war btw we are neighbors
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