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  1. How about TDU for iPhone using the PSP version? That would be awesome!
  2. Didnt work, hex editor playing up and its way too confusing thanks anyway :)
  3. Please can someone make a mod that enables you to select any car (Lotus 2-Eleven etc...) and swap it with an in game car. Similar to hex editing - but I have only seen that on xbox and it looks confusing Ive never got a chance to drive the Lotus 2-Eleven and I really want it Thanks :) Alex
  4. I never relly liked camo on cars either, but i like that ^^ and the colour scheme. Heres my TVR: Inspiration: Alex :)
  5. First trialer: ellie goulding - under the sheets (jakwob remix) secound: Phonat - Ghetto Burnin'
  6. was it? im pretty sure the one in the video was: 'fukkk off - im a freak' :)
  7. i love the music. im sure thts there gona be some great songs in tdu2. Does anyone know the tracklisting yet?
  8. Ascari? HI. I just watched the new houses trailer and im pretty sure that the bottom car in the screen grab below is the Ascari A10. Am i right? :) Alex :)
  9. Thats so spooky. i saw this the other day thinkin this would be good for tdu.. ur my new hero... thanks [mod edit:] Please do not post requests in threads that don't ask for them. Use the Mod Requests forum instead if you have permission to do so.
  10. Thanks 4 this... i hav the same problem and u jst solved it. :)
  11. I know... they r so unessersery! :confused:
  12. I dunno if this has been suggested yet; but what about the new 918 porsche:
  13. Hey! I hav been playing TDU for a long time now but have recently come accross a wierd and annoying steering problem! ): The problem is... when i am driving the steering either just turns its self; or locks when is being turned. its almost like the torque is steering the car :oook: I have been fiddling with the steering options abit but i dont think that it should cause tht... Also, if it helps, i use a Saitek steering wheel (Tht works perfectly on other games... it has only started doing this recently) -- Has anyone got a suggestion or a solution to this Thanks SNOD (:
  14. thanks (: ... I also got a couple more... Revenge verde Lotus elise 2010 (or maybe 2011... im not quite sure wich year) Devon GTX and finally The Honda HSC SNOD (:
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