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  1. I am not sure if I am in the right topic for this, but I have a question about TDUPE2.77 that came with Platinum: I tried to change the physics of one of the TDU Custom cars in TDU Platinum, I changed most of the specs (except the name of the car) and all available values were filled in (with a 0 if no data available). See the attached images for how it looks now in TDUPE. I saved the changes but now the game will not boot up, after using the launcher the screen goes black like it is starting the game but after a few seconds it goes back to my desktop. No warning or message is shown
  2. Hi, I have a question. After years of playing offline I decided to try playing online, I've followed all steps as explained by many others, however, it doesn't seem to work. I see that the TDU Servers are available and I can see the other online players on the map, but I do not see them in-game, even when I spawn on the same location of other players they're visible on the map but nowhere close to me in-game. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info Milli, so if I'm correct the .bnk file of the aventador is in this case the viper.bnk? And what about the aventador_rst.bnk, I found the file, but no car in the game, do I need to unlock it or something?
  4. Hey guys, I recently added the UCP, and it works perfectly. It brought me back to playing TDU, Milli, you did a great job, thanks! But I have a question, I would like to change some of the vehicles on the slots which shouldn't be a problem since I've done hat many times before, but I encountered a problem, I wanted to change the Aventador slot into an 750-SV one, but I cannot find the file in the database, it only shows an aventador_rst slot (a car I cannot find in any of the dealerships) and I tried to replace those with the SV slots, but nothing changed. So where can I find the files wh
  5. Looks good Rule! One small detail, the part behind the window is supposed to be from carbon/black instead of baby blue (or any other color). When it's finished I'd love to test it out :)
  6. @ Stylecoco How did you download them? For me there are no links available...
  7. But those are all unpaintable or terrible quality...
  8. What about this monster for TDU? Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - Bugatti - Car Detail - Assetto Corsa Database We need a proper Veyron SS which is paintable! Pretty please?:)
  9. Dude, are you going to make that Zagato?! That would be incredible!
  10. Why does this mod have police lights in the bumpers? The rest of the mod is perfectly fine btw! Thanks :)
  11. YES YES YES!
  12. Welcome back Kurt! What are your future projects if I may ask?
  13. Agera R F-Type 570S 488 GTB Thanks! :D
  14. Kurt, I have a question, wht happened to TDUclan, after going through all those "selection procedures" the site has vanished, any reason for that? But on the other hand, glad to see you, and your great mods, back here! :)
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