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  1. Truly amazing work! Big thanks to you, Speeder! There's only one thing - my problem with everyone in the session lagging apart from one person still persists, and redirecting ports didn't help. Any other suggestions?
  2. Mau, what is this track on your latest LaFerrari photos? :)
  3. Hey, I've got a small problem - when I join to a session, everyone is always lagging apart from one random person. Is it my internet connection or is there a way to fix it somehow?
  4. Wasn't active on the forum due to a lack of time, but this... this needs attention. Bravo Speeder and Lean, you did a great job indeed - I'm impressed that you actually managed to bring TDU back online. I'd love to test out the beta version of the multiplayer - but it's obviously your call to choose who gets to get their hands on the project first, and I'll wait for the finished, public version if it's necessary to do so. Again, great job :)
  5. Took the Huauyuyauauyuyauyauuauyuraa for a spin and I fell in love :drool:
  6. I've been waiting for the P1, I even wanted to post about it in mods request :) The model looks very good, definitely gonna download it :)
  7. The Gallardo looks great now Qilin, hope to see it released soon :)
  8. The taillights are hideous, you should definitely fix them. Other from that it looks great :)
  9. For me photomode is very simple to use... You notices that you can move the camera with arrows, didn't you?
  10. Weird, I can normally go with the camera inside a car in photomode with no problems at all.
  11. Where did ya get the Kia Koup, Fussel?
  12. Oh well, there are loads of cars that I like, but nobody else I know does. Starting off with... ...the Fiat Panda! I love that car, it's nice looking, it's swift, quick to be honest (my dad got one for about 5 years with the basic 1.1 engine and it really could go fast), and I truly don't know why so many people dislike this car. The only people I know that like this car are my parents, my grandparent, me and James May lmao
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