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  1. RANGE ROVER EVOQUE-Alfa GIulietta Quadrifoglio Aventador Roadster ferrari 488 gtb Porsche Macan porsche Carrera 997
  2. It's still not working for me , it hasn't change the name . I tried to add ferrari fxx in ferrari shop in the city but nothing's changed. The program starts normally and it doesn't give me no advice of errors. When i do operations with the program there are no problem, but when i go in game there's nothing changed. How can it be fixed ? It's a problem of mine ? What should i change?
  3. i tried to change location and name from koenigsegg xxr to agera , I did it with no problems but when I go in game there are no changes, it's still the same . Need help
  4. No ideas on how to change Car's and Interiors' colours ? In the shops when you go to choose the colour you have lots of choices but it doesn't really change the color. Can u fix?
  5. I don't know how to change car's name and physics , someone can please help me ?:cry::cry:
  6. Can someone send me a link to the Ferrari california sound ?
  7. It happens that when the sun light goes on the navigator , the contrast of navigator's colors become very high
  8. Is possible to have a mediafire link to the first zonda F sound , the one recorded in the gallery?, thank you !
  9. Who can send me a working link to this sound mod ? this one is compromised
  10. Has someone an alive link to the zonda f coupe ?
  11. Has anyone an alive link for that gallardo sound ?
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