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  1. if it is for replace a car i sugest to replace the ferrari 250 gto
  2. Hey combat, i want to say i solve my "problem" with steering wheel chosing the grey interior, keep made diferent interiors to solve the "problems" the diferent players ty ;) About the e30 m3 and aston martin v12 vantage, well i think illusion made the perfect one (i think you shouldnt waste time with this car), the aston martin v12 vantage is a great car, but only exist in RHD, so for me doesnt work, but is a great choice ;).
  3. Great work as always, but i still prefer the old version, just because of steering wheel (im very stingy), i think should be all black and not black + grey. But the rest its much better than the old version GJ ;)
  4. Well i see pictures the real steering wheel, and doesnt like that... Anyway great job.
  5. Hi you can change the texture of midle of steering wheel? [ATTACH]24272[/ATTACH] The texture of the steering wheel should be the same, The rest, is a great job as always ;)
  6. At the time i thought i test all dealers, but i forgot the alfa dealer... I can tell you now all the dealers are updated.
  7. Thanks, i apreciate alot your feedback, it's not only for me, its for everyone included you too, to enjoy driving in the night. I think the 360cs need the same thing, but i already replace for old 360 ch, so is at your discretion to do it or not. When you work on 458, remember this, if you give light on speedometer (numbers) and the other gauges, give light on revs gauge. Good luck with him ;)
  8. what looks better? [ATTACH]24239[/ATTACH][ATTACH]24240[/ATTACH] Like i said its my opinion, you should give more light on the revs gauge, you did very well with speedometer and the rest gauges. It just a esthetic thing.
  9. Humm, in my opinion, i think the revs gauge need to be "iluminate", like the tool831 scuderia. if you know what i mean, the rest is amazing work!
  10. Great job! Just one thing, you can change the revs indicator to red (like the standard 360 cs)?
  11. hummm, i think it is enzo ferrari or ferrari f50.
  12. You know how change the RHD to LHD interior, and if you know you got planned to do?
  13. I did this: [ATTACH]24168[/ATTACH] I open TDUMT and apears this: [ATTACH]24169[/ATTACH] I renamed the new file "cameras.bin.extended" to "Cameras.bin" and i replace for the file on database and TDUMT/xml/default. What i did wrong or what i need to do? I update the new camera on TDUPE.
  14. I already got a slot for that car!!! i will replace for v1 lambo. Finally "100%" converted.
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