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  1. Is it possible to deactivate some weather or revert it to standard? In "8 drivers make a record" it seems to be almost always foggy with a strange blue background, i think where the sea should be? Maybe a bug?
  2. Thank you very much, thats helps! Another question: What exactly does the handling-values mean? Also in the original, a lot of the cars with good handling are a lot harder to "handle" than the ones without. Is it about stearing, reaction, precision, I dont know?
  3. Hello, I dont know if this has already been answered, but do the different rims have an effect on performance? And second question: it seems that buying one tuning after another (level 1, then 2, then 3) seems to have another effect sometimes then if I would buy tune level 3 directly. Is this true? And how can I predict if this is the case? Is there a hint in-game? Is it only when the cars look different in the tuning-preview? Or maybe there is a list of possible tuning variations for each car? Greetings, Laconda
  4. I figured it out: Actually, its neither "right key", nor "turn head right". There is a "Right (In Game)" key you can define in your options -> controls -> car dashboard, where you can also define the key for radio, etc. (german version: Optionen -> Steuerung -> Armaturenbrett -> "Rechts (im Spiel)", ...) After I defined the "in game"-keys, it worked for me. Greetings, Laconda
  5. Hi, I have the same problem. I can open the "Chronopack" with "K", it says "Hit RIGHT (in game)" but nothing happens. Tried with num lock and without, tried Num-6, Right-Key, Right mouse click and several other ideas, but still nothing. I didnt change the controls for right or turn head right. I have no idea how to start this right now. Anyone else? Is this a bug? And I have the same problem with the other menus during drive, like radio (R) and drive assist (D). I can activate the "menu", but nothing more.
  6. All links here seem to be dead. Where can I download the necessary tools?
  7. Hi, really generally speaking - how do the car mods have to be installed? I am sure there already is a tutorial, right? Greetings, Laconda
  8. Looking really good! But how do I install this? I have installed magic map and paradise mod. But just replacing some other car (tried Saleen S7 Twin Turbo) including rims doesnt seem to work. What am I doing wrong? And I already tried this car in the Ultra Community Mod. Maybe there is an easier way to transfer it from there to the normal Project Paradise Mod?
  9. Hello, for some races ("The infernal Descent") the bike-types are not allowed, though you may race against bikes. So for class B you can not use mB, but PC-drivers may. Is there a possibility or mod that fixes this? And is it possible to "unlock" all vehicles for every race in the game sonehow? Greetings, Laconda
  10. A very good hint, thanks! Worked perfectly!!!
  11. Hello, is it possible or does a mod already exist, that gives traffic better intelligence? I searched but couldnt find anything. With "Intelligent" I mean that cars wont stop suddenly like startled deer or abruptly change lanes with no sense or purpose. This would be awesome :) Greetings, Laconda
  12. Thanks for the info. It seems like I just have to get used to the physics of TDU ;)
  13. Hello everyone! (I am not sure where to post this, maybe you can move the thread?) I would like to get some info from the game which I cant find in the internet. A list of all the races and missions for example, preferably with requirements and characteristics (like which class, which Level, etc.). I guess they should be found in some of the game files, but I cant get the TDUF-database-gui to work on my System. If you have a hint or a link to tables like this, I would appreciate it. Even a list of the challenges names would be helpful. Greetings, Laconda
  14. Good Morning! Thanks to everyone for your replies! I will try starting with Tools Reference and TDUF Database Editor. And the first thing I would try to change is the grip. On some tracks in TDU I drift like there would be ice or rain, though the streets seem steady. Even with Ferrari Enzo and "driving help" (dont know the term in english) the car always slides off track. Can it be that there is snow or rain or ice in TDU and my system just doesnt show? And maybe there is a mod already? For better grip of cars or the tracks edited? Greetings, Laconda
  15. Good Morning :) I just tried to get started with modding TDU (1). I thought first I should extract the JSON files. So I started tduf-1.12.0, typed this from TDUF Command Line Interpreter: DatabaseTool unpack-all -d "C:\..." -o "C:\...\JSON\" ...but got this error message: "Could not find the main class: fr.tduf.cli.tools.DatabaseTool" There is really much info in this Forum to find. I just cant find where to start. What should be the first steps? And what exactly went wrong when I tried to use the unpacker-Tool? Best regards, Laconda
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