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    Umm is it just me does the link only take me to the Lancia Delta download?
  1. Milli pics when? LMAO Some cars are weird tbh. Take for example the Dodge Charger 426 R/T dragster. It has the same exact gearing and torque curve as a stock dodge charger but a much higher top speed value in TDUF. If you were to drop the power/torque as well as the max top speed value, it performs the same as a Base charger.
    This sound is perfect. Reminds me alot of the real Ford GT. Very nice work. Keep them sounds coming.
  2. I think they are using a cracked version example that Torrent file. The game is freezing/crashing on them during the tutorial race.
  3. So just wanting to know but does this configurator go into the original root directory or the unpacked TDU2 folder cause I have both. Just wanted to clarify this.
  4. I found the version i was looking for thanks to your reply and I can say the Super Sport is my new favorite high speed drift car.
  5. I didn't find any specific threads on this and I figured this was the best place to ask about car conversions, so is there a specific order to get the Race Version out of the 1998 Mercedes Benz AMG CLK GTR? I found a list with the car conversions but it wasn't much help since it hasn't been updated in awhile.
  6. To answer your question, Yes you can but its recommended to use an Official copy.
  7. oh alrite. So after looking thru this thread and trying numerous times to get the game to work I've come to the conclusion that the mod DOES NOT WORK WITH THE GOLD EDITION OF TDU. Going to now try to get an OG copy of the regular base game so I can see if the OG game works with mods or if its something up with my PC.
  8. I did everything i was told to do and it still crashes before even the title screen shows up. Does the mod not like running on Windows 10 or did i somehow miss something? The game itself runs perfect but as soon as i installed and ran the mod the game seizes to even get to the title screen. For reference I have an All-In-One HP desktop running Windows 10. I have Test Drive Unlimited Gold edition.
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