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  1. MagicV8.....Thank You, i might just try do that.
  2. Hi everyone, i was wondering if it's possible to make a conversion mod from CSR2. The thing is, i dunno how to convert the files into the TDU 1 database. Anyway, here's the link: https://gamemodels.ru/files/file/9065-jaguar-xe-sv-project-8-18/ Can we make this happen? Every feedback is appriciated!
  3. I also did install the Platinum mod...very satisfied with variety of cars which u normally never see on the roads (RUFs, Saleen, Brabus, Nismos, Cobras etc). I've also noted that IS 350 is missing - not an option in the Platinum version But i'm gonna put it there instead of 350Z anyway :)) love the IS-series
  4. I want to THANK YOU to all moders and great work done....I never thought i would discover such a huge mod. Honestly, experimenting with car sounds/skins made me so excited to explore more and more! Don't care if the graphics or physics wont compete with the latest titles. But for me, still enjoying it since the Gold Edition. Also, thank you Eden Games. PEACE !!!
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