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  1. grande, e grazie per esserti messo a disposizione della comunità
  2. Hello everyone, I opened the tool (one of the few that works for me and that doesn't cause problems with debug jit) and it looks really good and powerful, I'm taking a few weeks to study it. I wanted to ask: if I create a new island can I put auto shops and houses to buy or new challenges on it? From some research it seems unfortunately not
    Un altro ottimo lavoro, questa mod combinata con l'altra può fare cose incredibili.
  3. Thanks for the very detailed answer, how do I follow you and give you credit?
  4. important tool, it allows you to exploit otherwise unusable parts of the map. Is it also possible to expand the island or create others where in the middle of the ocean?
    amazing work that makes this mod the best car game ever (in my opinion). I've never really liked racing games with cars but since I downloaded this gem 3 months ago, I only play this one. Thanks to Milli and her staff for the hard work and all the fun they gave us
    fantastic mod, I just wanted to ask which byte I have to modify to get the race bots to use the same auto class as mine, and how to inhibit the last IAS4 byte (FF??) or leave it like this?
  5. good morning, I know it's an old discussion but I wanted to ask you if you can explain this procedure to me in private, I have carefully read the discussion. I don't play online but I wanted to have fun modding, if you can write me in private I'll explain. Thanks, I know you are very helpful
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