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  1. Hi. man, i need help :(

    I did something stupid, don't know what with my db_data file...

    After some changes in it the level of upgrade of the cars in-game gone down to 1, before was on 4. Tried with the original db_data file and in-game again was on 4 with one and the same savegame. So, what i did wrong and how to fix it? Please, man, help me, i have ton of moded cars in my file and want to have them...

    1. binbow


      The vehicle tune-up level information is not written in db_data, so I don't think it can be changed with tdu2vpe.
      It's possible that some other file has been swapped unintentionally. I think it would be a good idea to check it from that perspective.

    2. SilverBENZ


      But with the original file level4 works fine. Yes, may be not VPE, but washing price is in there too, some hidden for VPE menu... GUI makes the file disaster, what else?

  2. No, thanks, i have my Mercedes in TDU2 But the McLaren is good.
  3. It's not so hard to ask google: https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/lotus/1990_lotus_carlton/148-1-0-2414
  4. That's good The next step is to replace (or add) car mods with better models and functions if you wish. If you like Ferrari can see here:
  5. No prob, bro, happy to help ya, the community is for that The good one is that you don't loose anything from your original packed game and still can play it if you wish.
  6. VPE edits db_data.cpr file, which exists in euro/bnk/database folder. This is ONLY in unpacked games, if your game is not unpacked you cant do any change. Go find unpacker if not did it. Unpack your game in a new folder (name it Test Drive Unlimited 2 Unpacked) and for a future this will be your game folder. Keep your packed folder just as a backup, don't mess the both. In the unpacked game you can have many more and much better cars than the originals. One brand new world, i don't drive original cars anymore... After you finish unpacking: Open a VPE. Choose Ferrari brand. Find your Ferrari and "load" it. Go to "names". In "brand selector" choose Alfa Romeo. Then "apply" command and "quit". That's all. Ingame you will find your car named Alfa. Go to tune shop and do the tune. Exit the shop, save and quit the game. Open VPE again. Choose Alfa Romeo brand. Find your car there and load it. Go to "names". In "brand selector" choose Ferrari and "apply" command, then "quit". This is the way. On this way i tuned Bentley, Rolls Royse, Lada, Honda etc... One more - press "APPLY" command EVERYTIME after you change something, Good luck
  7. I can't believe, on this way i tuned all my Ferrari cars, but renamed them to Alfa...
  8. It's already done long time ago, just must search it See here: It's not so hard to ask google for it, here is it: https://www.playground.ru/test_drive_unlimited_2/file/test_drive_unlimited_2_toyota_fj_cruiser_trd_2012_2_in_1-915877
  9. It's strange. I have this car in my pc game, ticked "is valid pc", then "Apply" command and voila
  10. See what he wrote: "I used the unpacker, unpacked the game to a secondary directory, placed the unpacked Euro folder in the original directory..." This is the mistake that ruin the game @nestcozy said it well up there.
  11. Hi, you have a min rpm and max rpm as an engine characteristics. When the rpm goes bigger than max rpm you must up-shift the gear. The 6th gear accelerates faster than 7th, not to drive faster, the speed is smaller.
  12. First, this is a software to modify the db_data.cpr file, you have it in unpacked game only, no matter online or offline. In this file you can add a speed and check any car to be offroad and then to save it again in this file. No matter your savegame, it saves the changes here in this file and if you want to have the speed in another pc you must copy and paste this db_data.cpr on another pc, again in the unpacked game of course
  13. Yeah, myman, the new links made the job Thanks! After opening the db_data file i saw that this pack includes the "other" UP pack, so the cars are the same and named same, so this is the searched Berlinetta
  14. Come on, guys, don't tell me that nobody has this car, please help me! Edit: I found the car in TDU2 RS Version, presented by @Big Fish Big thanks to him and God bless him. Many "thanks" to the community too for the "help" Now if the admins want can delete the topic...
  15. Hi, guys I need this car on a single download: Even don't need a game structure, just drop the files in a folder - car files, sound file and frontend file. All files called F12. Easy for anybody who has it. Please?
  16. Anyway, nevermind, i will ask for a car i need Your torrent still doesnt working... Thanks anyway
  17. How? I dont have any F12 Berlinetta to make a comparison, you tell me
  18. Is this the same F12 Berlinetta from unofficial patch 0.4 with a magic sound?
  19. I didnt know that. Now i exported car ID-Code in excel file and i have 479 rows, i see there are no traffic and generic cars in there, may be with them to go to 585, dont know I have all original cars from TDU2, never replaced...
  20. As I said: MY TDU2 - @SilverBENZ version 42 Mercedeses - my love, 24 Ferraris, 15 Astons, Lada, Peugeot, Citroen, and more and more, actually my db_data file has no unreleased or empty slots, winter/summer weather, HD traffic whole slots (unreleased and generic too), biker shop is fool, my game is 1 ton of weight
  21. Oh no, i am not interested, i have already my TDU2 "Silver" Just it was interesting to me is there F12Berlinetta in it...
  22. No seeders, so if anybody is interested can not download...
  23. The link is working fine, just tried it Just need patiently to skip the ad. https://dfiles.eu/files/o5dnxlrjn
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