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  1. Happy New Year @ all turboducks :) Cause people still ask about this stuff, i have uploaded the files to my Google-Drive - TDU2-share. First post updated! .... New download Best regards, Stefan
  2. V2.1 was done 5 years ago, but as far as i remember the mod should look correct on both cars (if you use the installer). The installer should edit the tyre-size to 245/40ZR17. Position and size of "wheel-dummies" is adjusted to this size too. Best regards, Stefan
  3. Hey everybody ... Started in Germany\Dortmund On my way from Duisburg to Manchester ... Best regards
  4. @FerrariDriver12: Perhaps you have noticed that GTR is already done! @ThomasCZE: TT-S was planned, TT-RS is not possible! Sadly, i am not able to push this whole project at the moment. Best regards and thanks for your interest! Stefan
  5. Become familiar with Djey's TDU Modding Tools. To change the gearbox to H-gate/stick (w. clutch), should be simple. best regards Stefan
  6. @Ryzza5: Thanks! - In my first attempts i have tried to drive fast but "nice/real" (for example: don't rub down to much rubber at trailer-wheels). But because this is not in the evaluation and it prevents really fast times, I've taken a different path. If you haven't already played the demo - It was one of the "dangerous drives"-missions. Game is splittet in those missions "driver-license", "competition" YETD, "dangerous drives" - beat the clock and don't damage your truck, cargo or environment. - You can also do braking-tests or drive free and deliver cargos in a fictional city or the "scania-demo-center". For me it's much better than ETS/GTS, but everyone should form his own opinion. Physics aren't perfect, but better than in the older games. I also love the little improved details - the "light-system", now you can turn on the sidelight, low-beam, high-beam, "flasher". Drove with G25, clutch and h-shifter in "cockpit-view". EDIT: First patch/update for Scania TDS Best regards, Stefan
  7. @Ryzza5: You are right and as CLR-GTR said, with STDS you can see where the whole thing leads. I look forward to adjustable mirrors and other stuff in ETS2 - hopefully they didn't "rip off" the double-trailers. Perhaps i will pamper my system with an appropriate GPU someday. :drool: [URL="http://www.scaniadrivergame.com/en/mod_tools.php"]Official "Game Archive Extractor" for the compressed base.scs of STDS[/URL] - possibly i will have a look at this. I never thought, that i could beat people in the online-leaderboards - [URL="http://www.scaniadrivergame.com/en/leaderboard/_extreme_03/thunderhawk"]but :excited:[/URL] [CENTER]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWrtDJuJOcU[/CENTER] Best regards, Stefan
  8. @DeadBob: Added the stangs a few days ago. @Bozickovic: Vantage also added. GPS is possible, but i haven't the time for that. Best regards, Stefan
  9. On my first test i wasn't able to disable the Hazard-Light-function, once i have used it. Yesterday i have tried it again and all functions work perfectly! I wasn't able to reproduce my problem. Thanks for this nice tool! Best regards, Stefan
  10. Amazing! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7106/7073032241_a831ce268b_h.jpg Thanks for sharing those pictures! greetz
  11. I love the charger! Thanks for your work! Best regards, Stefan
  12. Thanks for the new version and all your work! Nice to hear, that you still work on "photo viewer". Best regards, Stefan
  13. Can't comment on everything. - Cool new cars and incredible new functions! - so ... Thanks to the appropriate people! Best regards, Stefan
  14. Please note my post above. As far as i know, "unpacking DLC2" is under investigation (beta). But after the way Atari deals with modders, a continue is unclear. I will observe it! (Not banned YET) Best regards, Stefan EDIT: One-77 was added to requests.
  15. @Emir & Draps: Thanks for comments. @Draps: F430 was already listed as requested. I was supported with perfect infos by WROOM. So research is done! Spider can't be done, cause we can't export the roof-animation! @bogdan: I would like to say, "it's impossible to do".:cheeky: But seriously, please have a look at the first posting. ;) Hint: Done @All: Files were created for DLC Explo v0.27. For now we are not able to unpack DLC2 v025b12 and Cam-Hack by RacerS doesn't work "with DLC2"! So you can't use my modifications with the actual version of TDU2! Just noticed, that the "unnecessary request" has disappeared. ;) Best regards, Stefan
  16. Hey everybody, yep sometimes there is no time for modding or simply no desire. 2 more cars done! - Alfa Romeo MiTo & Nissan GTR - Link back to first post. Have fun! Best regards, Stefan
  17. @tomsolo: Hehe, nice as always! I'm still thankful for your hint about 2dm fixing. In the past, i have wasted hours to restore material-settings in Zmod. Just today i have fixed pink grids and an messed up bump-map on Alfa MiTo, directly in the 2dm-file. I'm still at the beginning, but copy & paste original material-settings is an easy job. :) @all: Turn-indicators for Alfa Romeo MiTo are done. Arrows for Nissan GTR are set to the correct position and angle. Best regards Stefan
  18. Just gave +rep - Thanks for all these amazing rims! Best regards, Stefan
  19. Do you use the actual version (DLC1) with appropriate .exe? I'm asking this, cause i've several versions on my hdd and by an mistake i started an older version (not updated to DLC1) with the "Uni-Launcher" online. During that i've got the same mentioned message "server not available". Perhaps it's helpful. Best regards, Stefan
  20. Is the hierarchy in zmod2 the same, as in the original file (your replaced car)? If you import your original file and export it without changes, does the orignial car show the same bug? Otherwise I have no idea. I never had such a problem. Best regards, Stefan
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