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  1. Hi Milli, sorry to bother you again. Do you know the bnk files for the Ferrari F430 Scuderia without stripes? the F430_scu are for the one with stripes...
  2. Thanks Milli, it worked the first time, I just didn't notice...
  3. Hi Milli. I downloaded the files but when I try to extract the two big files it says the files are corrupted. Can you upload them again please..... And by the way, I am having so much fun with Platinum, my internet is not very good so unfortunately I can't play online, but I am enjoying it very much...
  4. Hey DJoyTinnio. Tried the link you sent but it does not allow for download, it only asks for my e-mail so that I can upload a file... how do I download it?
  5. The system automatically creates a number, so just go to the blank space and add the name you want. I have been doing it since you, Milli, released this wonderfull work...
  6. Never seen this one in any TDU site...
  7. Check in hf-garage.ru, that is where I found it a few years ago...
  8. You can always just add it if you want it, there are ten custom cars that allows you to do just that, or you can replace it with a car you don't want in the game...
  9. I've never seen this problem before, except when I play around with some values for wheels. Good idea to back up just in case you make a mistake...
  10. Guys, does anyone know what the bnk file is for the F430 Scuderia with no stripe? for the scuderia it's F430_Scu
  11. In TDUF, under Wheels make sure your Default rim size is smaller then the Available rim sizes. e.g. if the Available rim size is 18", make sure the Deafault rim size is 17" or 16"
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