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  1. Hi Milli, the error happened with both TDU PE and Modding Tools, but I just tried using TDUF, on a suggestion you made to ABC83 and it seems to be working ok. It is a bit more comlex than using TDU PE and Modding Tools but it is worth it. so again THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH. You ROCK...
  2. Hi Milli,the error happens with vanilla Platinum...
  3. Hi Milli. A quick question. I did a clean install and so far the game is running ok, but everytime I try and mod a car, especially upgrade ones the game does not load and gives me an error message. So far I have been trying with Koenigsegg Regera. I want to change it so that I have the CC8S on the first Regera then have it upgrade to all the other versions succesively, e.g. CCR, CCX, CCXR, Agera, Agera R, One:1 and then Regera. Is there any way I can solve this?
  4. Hey Milli, finished downloading and have been playing for about an hour now... You have breathed new life into the game. It is Awsome...Thank you soooooooo much...
  5. Thank you so much Milli. It has been an amazing wait, excitement since the start. I am now downloading so that I can start enjoying the what you have worked so hard on. THANK YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND...
  6. It is their prerogative, If you are not happy about it I suggest you learn how to mod and do it. There are those of us who appreciate what the modders have done, and if they have dropped the game that is fine, enjoy the mods that we do have for the game. Remember, they did not charge us for the mods, they are free so there is no reason to complain if they move on to other games, they are under no obligation to mod for any game, they do it of their own free will so that we may enjoy them.
  7. Can't wait to these in-game, Zoqqer. I love and am enjoying your mods from the past and I know me and others are going to enjoy these traffic cars. Thanks for the work you are doing.
  8. As long as it takes Milli... We'll wait...
  9. Milli, we trully apreciate all the hard work you are doing and have been doing. The idiots out there who have nothing better to do than complain will never enjoy anything because all they know how to do is complain. Thank you for doing what you are doing, and we will enjoy it no matter how long it takes.
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