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Weird noise when playing online

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Hi guys,

I just started recently playing Test Drive Unlimited online,

everything goes smoothly until I meet some other ppl on the server.

I can see them on my map, but the moment I'm getting close to them.

The audio starts jerking, the engine sound starts echoing & somehow rolling really loud, it's really annoying.. like glou glou glou glou.. I dunno exactly how to describe it accurately.. at the beginning I thought someone was hacking or something.. but then again, it happens with everybody I meet.


It's so annoying that I can't actually play online..

I know it's not my computer or something corrupted in my Tdu files because I tried playing another profile offline, nothing wrong.


Please I need a solution :crying:


Sorry if I'm not posting in the right section =/

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[solved] Nothing wrong with my internet connection



How strong is your internet connection, maybe the audio is lagging because you have a slow speed?


After waiting for an answer I decided not to give up and solved it myself.

It was about the Voice option, I checked Loop Back and Voices, and set to Output volume to the maximum, that is why I heard some high pitched echo and rolling the moment I came close to someone.


I just unchecked Loop back and Voices, I find it annoying, hearing foreign voices and language in the background :confused:.


Btw, it's solved, thanks anyway.

Anyone else having this problem in the future, it's all about Voice option.:lol:

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