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Update 03/25/2012

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Hiya {$member.name}

*avatar info in child site not supported issue finally solved, both sites now share the same avatar

+All user except "no class" group now are allowed to upload avatar to our server

-however, due to the way avatars are handled in database setup, Avatar function is closed in child site
For all avatar change please use our main site, a notice is added to child site's profile page regarding this

+new group stars and requirements 01.jpg02.jpg

!Server files optimized

*Fixed few missing file errors

!Improved script configurations

+Around 90 Arcade games added since the date of announce

!Database optimized, removed extra tables and columns

!Additional profile edit post requirement adjusted to Class F (5 posts)

!New portal page layout 11.jpg22.jpg

*Fixed upload cause 500 error

*Fixed gallery button highlight issue

*Fixed few occasions forum layout doesn't display

*Fixed PM issue, and profile issues

!If your avatar doesn't show in gallery, just reupload it in our main site, it will come up

!Gallery now enters second beta stage


This message is subject to change without notice, to view / reply the most updated announcement click me

You received this news letter because you either signed up at Eudemon.org or one of our child sites
If you expect a respond from me, don't reply this e-mail, use forum PM
If you no longer wish to participate with us, go to your profile and select action delete your account (require admin approval)

Symbols: !change/improve *fix +add -remove

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