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Using a Logitech G27 shifter with a G29 wheel

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if you need to kick off your broken Logitech G27 wheel and bought a new G29 with a G29 shifter (normaly need to buy extra) you will see, that there are no more buttons on that shifter.


I for myself didn't want to buy that G29 shifter, because I thought my good old G27 shifter would work with the G29 wheel like a sharm ...

But no way, the H-shifter works with TDU 2, yes, but all the button and the cross doesn't. :tdown:


So I looked around for something like an adapter and found that one and bought it ... even it's quite expensive in my opinion.


With Win 7 the G29 is shown as gamecontroller and the G27 shifter too. And both are configurable separatly in TDU 2. :D

So I think, that will be done also in other modern driving games.


A pity is, that the G27 shifter can not be found in TDU 1 settings with this combination, at the moment.

Perhaps someone else knows the trick?

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