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Doubts regarding music, pictures etc.

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Hi guys, I have a couple of questions:


1. How to replace the default radio stations music from the game? I know I have to replace files but for instance, how do I convert an audio file in mp3 or other format to bnk?


2. Is it possible to replace Tessa's textures and changing her looks?


3. Is it possible to add pictures to be placed in the houses of the game? I know they are encrypted.

Thanks for any replies

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I know it's possible to change Tessa's clothes and hair, but not the face or the body.



the hairstyle is very easy to change but not the clothes, it can only be exchanged for another long dress, If it is short, it will have invisible legs.




Bummer, so I guess there's no way to turn her into something similar to the blonde girl in the left of this pic, with more casual clothes:





Thanks for the feed back guys.

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