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  1. I just came back... I can't believe TDU is still alive.. thank you so much dude
  2. I think I'll put the seven series on the list. As for rims, I can make a lot of them, they're like small modelling snacks. And if you want to learn some modelling, just download blender and watch some tutorials. It might take you some time but in the end I think its worth the effort. Just be careful to watch tutorials of the 2.6 version, since the UI has changed. Wish you luck!
  3. I love the new 6 series... And you say theres no free model of the Gran Coupe... Then if this post gets more likes than the Phaeton I'll model the bimmer instead.
  4. If there's still interest in this I could model it, but only if you really want it... You must understand it takes a lot of time.
  5. Just to be sure, what I'd need to buy would be Zmodeler 2, right? EDIT: Zmodeler 2 doesn't work on Windows 8, and Zmod 3 doesn't have the TDU filters... Anyways I'm very busy studying for finals. Any ideas?
  6. BRZ on TDU!! So awesome! I guess you're not making a Subaru version, aren't you?
  7. Well.. seems like I'll have to buy Zmodeler.
  8. Thanks! Now I'd need to know how much do you appreciate interiors.. because I kinda suck at that. This is current state of interior. d1b112f21fb1894aa29403873fb0a4c5.png c5cf12fa7ab450c5489123e43e20b46f.png 2214890bb3167ab29821447c314bb164.png Would you mind it being just like that. Ofc, it'll be textured properly. Also, and don't really like asking this, but does anyone have a Zmodeler license which could be "borrowed"?
  9. I just let out final renders here: 1983 Porsche 928S Exterior is completely finished, but interior is just a very basic one, which I'm afraid you wouldn't be to happy with.. The thing is I'm not really good at this interior stuff, so I'll just try to do working gauges and detail a little the door panels, central console and gear knob. Would you be okay with that?
  10. That's right, folks! The 928 is finally coming to TDU. Those of you who are still here are going to be rewarded, because I intend to make a complete mod (model, sound, gauges and physics). I've already got the exterior modeled. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do a very detailed interior, at least for now. You can follow 3d progress here. http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?289304-1983-Porsche-928 About modding.. well, I've made gauges, sounds and physics before, but I'm new to 3d modding. I'm getting ZModeler soon, so shouldn't really be a problem. I think I'll get through, and hopefully there'll still be somebody to help.. Wish me luck!
  11. Can't wait for adding cars to TDU, that'd be so awesome!!
  12. If you really want it you could swap it with one you don't like (if there's any, which is improbable), you can use tdupe and and tdumt, but it'll take some time, so you'll know if it's worth it.
  13. I think there really is enough people with talent to make a new game.. maby using some TDU stuff.. hmm may not be a good sounding idea, but taking things from TDU and packing them into a new "unofficial" game.. maby it's stupid, maby it isn't. But hell, after thinking about it for a minute I got frustrated.. seems impossible.
  14. Thanks so damn much!!
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