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  1. the quality of the materials is very cool ! but I think that the seats should be more shiny, to look like a real leather (very few tdu mods have shiny enough seats, the materials seems to be half leather half carpet, it's more sporty, but it's not elegant as 100% leather is)
  2. yes, the sound is not realistic enough, only the idle and low are realistic enough V10 TDI, definitely it's different from the petrol engine sound of R50
  3. great job ! btw : I have a V10 TDI sound, with realistic idle and low samples, and the mid and high samples are from an unimog diesel (it sounds pretty good), look here the link : Audi Volkswagen V10 TDI Super Diesel sound | turboduck forum
  4. it's no necessarily to do some changes to your sounds (if you don't want to), I gave just a technical advice (if you could be desired to modify the sounds) in last time I really got tired of TDU1, I play it only just super rare times (when I am super bored), when i asked you to modify the songs (if you want, of course) was around 1 month ago, when I was still working for the perfect physics (but just for me, I don't think that anybody else would handle them properly, as I am not pleased of any other physics made for TDU1) and now I've got tired of that physics also, so for me TDU1 is
  5. consider the mph as being kmh, I've made "kmh to mph conversion" physics in tdu1, and I am really pleased (except that I don't have a steering wheel) : Test Drive Unlimited REALISTIC SPEED physics - YouTube I feel better the torque, it's like a remapped diesel :D
  6. you should have 1.66 patch and tdumegapack to be sure that tdu modding tools works, use Audacity, click on File : Import (to get the file sound you want to modify), Export (to save the new modified sound, choose Microsoft ADPCM format), for Seamless Sounds : Copy & Paste the entire sound, to make it double, but the second new half to be Reversed (from Effects), other important effects in Audacity are : Bass & Treble, Compressor, Amplify I think I've managed to explain you successfully in extremely few words the main actions in Audacity, good luck
  7. http://autostrada.md/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/15429734631692809431.jpg http://cdnedge.vinsolutions.com/dealerimages/Dealer%202722%20Images/range%20rover%20evoque%20interior.jpg http://image.trucktrend.com/f/oftheyear/suv/163_2012_suv_of_the_year_land_rover_range_rover_evoque/35457241/2012-land-rover-Range-Rover-Evoque-dash.jpg
  8. Vokswagen Phaeton, this is one of the most elegant cars ever, and not many people like it as much as I do (and the most important : most of driving games don't have VW Phaeton) [ATTACH]20007[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20008[/ATTACH] but I also like Newer VW Passat & Golf Models, long Volvo sedans, anything which is elegant (including some american cars which have leather, wood), I like more squary car forms (VW is one of the most squary)
  9. so, the LaFerrari wasn't made from "absolute zero" ?
  10. maybe there is just some not very difficult and not time wasting actions to do, for modifying the shake camera to get as big as we want, bigger than 100% maybe there is somewhere a file which needs just to write new values to make the shake camera as big as we want, I think Djey can answer to this question
  11. at 300 km/h the control is almost the same with the control of Test Drive Unlimited, but the feeling is better (definitely because of the Bigger Shaking of The Camera) the feeling of TDU at very small speeds (lower than 100-150 km/h or 60-100 mph) is very lame (it's just like driving with 5-30 km/h in the reality) maybe in reality many super cars seems to have just 5 km/h at 50 km/h, for example (this video proves it : it has very similar control & feeling to TDU, modifying the physics in TDU doesn't solve the problem of feeling) so : more than 100% Shaking of The Camera d
  12. I've already found a way to solve this problem ;) select the whole sound sample, copy and paste at the end of it (to make it double), but select the Reverse command (from Effects) for the "new" sample (for the "new" half), the sound won't change, it would change only if you use the other similar effect named "Invert" (don't confuse the Reverse effect with the Invert effect, both have the same meaning, but just apparently) [ATTACH]19935[/ATTACH] don't forget to verify the Resulted Sample by importing it, to see if there is any gap at the end or at the beginning of the sound for m
  13. hopefully TDU3 will have a more realistic acceleration, TDU1 and TDU2 accelerate below 100 km/h just like having just 10-30 km/h, the speed is not realistic at both games, and the g force pushing is not enough
  14. how to steer with the mouse ? I mean to move the mouse to left and right (and not to click on button1 for steering left or button3 for steering right, of course), for maximum of precision
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