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  1. Hi, I learned there is a new motorbike game called "Ride 2". Is it possible to get new bike mods for TDU?
  2. Hi nineo, thanks for your reply. Game works since about a week. It was a problem with TDUPE 2.78. I now use 2.5 and it´s fine. I will have to check if I can get any mods running. As I tried to install the Aston DBS, the game crashed a few days ago. Not sure, if 2.5 is able to change car names... Well, I will find out. This game is making me crazy since 7 years now, so, whatever happens, there will be a solution.
  3. Hi gents, I use a 1.68b version and still use TDUMT and TDUPE. I can´t use any motorbike - 1. if I open a motorbike file in TDUPE there is an error message (something about values) and I can´t change anything. 2. cam and name of the motorbikes are wrong (it´s e.g. DUCATI Viper SRT 10 Coupe) 3. if I choose a motorbike in my garage and want to leave, game freezes instantly. I have to restart my computer then. I have net framework 2-4 installed. Does anybody know what is wrong?! I re-installed the game but the problem still occurs. Thanks Jan
  4. Sounds nice, I have to test it later! I will give you feedback tonight. Thanks for your effort.
  5. Yes, but which ones should I use? Default is Ferrari 430 off course.
  6. 488 rims don´t match with your settings. Any advice? Do I have to change anything else than the rim size? It´s annoying there is always a problem with the rims. I am trying to create a physics file, but the rims look like XXXX.
  7. BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** Here is a brand new PHYSICS FILE for the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S (991). Have fun!
  8. @Rule Please think about the need for a password. We all downloaded the mod and can´t play because the password is different to the old one and NO ONE can play NOW. This is a bit annoying... :wait:
  9. @Rule The new pics, is it a Carrera S? That´s great! I love not having a "top model" (like a Turbo or Turbo S). A "normal" Porsche is really missing in TDU!
  10. Aaaaaah, sorry. :fp: I guess I forgot to login. :ytwh: But anyway, here I have a PHYSICS file for the SL500, you can put it to the download file if you want.
  11. Rule, please check the website - there are NO download links available for a bunch of users. Some can download, some not, there is something wrong! I tried to download with three different browsers now and nothing happened. Please check it and don´t ignore the problem. Look into the chat box on the website, many users say the download doesn´t work.
  12. @Rule Very nice mods! I can´t download any of the mods, because there is no download link. I tried with Firefox, Edge and Chrome, but I never see download links. Do you know what the problem is?
  13. Quality looks very low...not worth a download.
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