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  1. They look brilliant! [ATTACH]28139[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]28140[/ATTACH]
  2. Rats, I was looking forward to the 488 indeed. But no worries mate
  3. Nice! Glad to have a 488 coupe in the works, can't wait :)
  4. Soo... is this a break in the action or are there not going to be anymore mods from Zoqqer?
  5. A few track toys.. [ATTACH]27052[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27053[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27054[/ATTACH]
  6. Jonez

    Rule Work-Shop

    @Vanquish - do you know about setting the "Default Rims" in TDUPE (under the miscellaneous tab)?
  7. Jonez

    Rule Work-Shop

    Rule, you could make a version with black parts like you did for the RS7: [ATTACH]26879[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26880[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26881[/ATTACH]
  8. StarGT - they are obviously disabled because the windows' mechanical function is used by the rear wing.
  9. Perfect job Zoqqer! Ever since your first 918, I was hoping for all the exterior and interior improvements you made here :) This is the spec I went for: [ATTACH]26851[/ATTACH]
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