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  1. ...no "use key or dash button or other to turn car on/off" function... to be more precise/spamy.
  2. If it doesn't have all the usual flaws to name a few... Then ... I'd be great with a few (5-10) modern regular "slow" cars -80 -2020 ..(not just 1 antique 2cv).. to enjoy the larger range difference to all the fast cars.. and lets not forget.. fun :). In short.. low mid AND high .. not JUST high... (and no there's no better place for it) my 2 cents.
  3. eden/ivory seems often to have choppy/bugged games no matter how high the fps.
  4. Guessing they got the map size beat.. and graphics looks to nudge ivory from medieval to ancient but.. I think I enjoy Pac-Man more... pass.
  5. Slowly backwards turning wheels while stationary... I'm quite sure. ;)
  6. Funny 10 years later seeing the stationary tirespin-bug again...
  7. Very likely keeping the "fog-mirrors" then... .. at least they're consistent in screwing up basic fundamental things.
  8. Well I know there wouldn't be much to do other than socialize, waiting for drive group, car show meets, and explore as it's not GTA (no I don't want casino back), but the exploration would become way easier in beautiful locations. Not having to try navigate with a big car in close quarters and allow areas inaccessible to cars is a good thing. (not like anyone? would go walking along highway or random woods). I also miss walking at all the other events to look/while waiting. I KNOW.. Photo-Mode can do wonders but it's not.. what's the buzzword... IMMERSIVE. ;) Anyway it's not like compulsor
  9. @Ivory So many transportation possibilities and still no... "open door, explore by foot where the vehicle can't or SHOULD struggle" (so many places .. beaches, offroad, houses, closed off areas/parks). Also... Go back to making 1:1 scale real worlds (including road widths this time) and skip nitros along with all other childish things. And I don't need or want a crew... thx
  10. About now... a word from PP author would be proper.. (plans or progress sign). It seems done and dropped at beta 3a (still waiting for that 8+ ply that was started but..). HellOoo retired spEEdeeer?.. echo... echo.. :mhmm:
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