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  1. The closest there is to a Singer. Thanks!
  2. I absolutely love this car, it just looks so happy! Thank you.
  3. Is there a proper Alfa Romeo 4C model already? Last time I was around here there weren't any decent ones...
  4. I came back from the shadows just for this and the Giulia. Only missing a 4C (and a proper Miura, so many mods and nobody has had a try with the father of supercars...) and I'm done. As usual, huge thanks Pator. You're the man.
  5. Sorry for posting this once more and in this thread Star, but will we ever get a TDU1 converted mod of your amazing TDU2 BMW i8? This one is not my type of car, but for a 4 year old mod looks quite good. Biggest difference to current gen mods is clearly the rims, those looks like plastic. Incredible the advances this game has seen in such a short period.
  6. Who made a TVR Sagaris mod? And can someone please send me a link to it? Edit: Solved
  7. Ah, alright. I thought DMC was already in the 1.68b patch. In that case I can't help.
  8. Do you have patch 1.68b correctly installed?
  9. So you were wrinting th model name in the "Model" box, and save it? That does not work. For editing the model and version values you better use TDUMT, as seen here
  10. You can use programs like Bandicam, that also can record videos of your games.
  11. These Jaguar photos destroy everything else I've seen.
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