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  1. Thank you! I tried trainers but they do not work on Project Paradise (as far as I know). I'll have to resort to an offlline profile unfortunately.
  2. Thank you for this amazing mod!! TDU is truly an amazing game, and you made it even better. How can I add money to my (new) profile in this?
  3. Guys, I need your help with rims for a custom car (1970 Roadrunner): They float in the tyres! In the readme it says I should change the default rims to smaller ones (e. g. 1960 Corvette for 15 inch rims). So far, so good, I managed to change the default tyres to the Corvette's. But now the car obviously runs on the wrong rims. I may have missed the trick here, but is there any way to run the correct rims in the correct size for a modded car? Thank you.
  4. Please find attached a screenshot of the issue. The rims in this picture are the default custom_1 ones. The ones included in the mod have the same bug.
  5. I have issues installing the rims: I replaced the default Charger_F_01.bnk with the one from the mod file: The car still stood on the default 5 spoke (?) rims. I then fired up TDU PE and changed the Default Rims to the Charger Super Bee's. Now I still see the default rims, but too small to fill the tyres - there is a gap between the rim and the tyre. How can I fix this? Thank you.
  6. Hi guys, I try to install this mod: Chrysler® 300 Installing the exterior, interior, rim, hud and sound works just fine. However, I cannot install the physics: I chose the Challenger RT, clicked on performance pack, install performance pack, chose the one that comes with the mod. The values change. I then clicked "save car" and "save all changes". In the game, nothing changed. How can I fix this? Thank you. EDIT: Solved. 2.78 works fine.
  7. Thank you! Which database exactly (for future purposes) - and how? Anyway, I farmed some achievements today and unlocked harcore mode =)
  8. Is there a way to unlock the Harcore mod without farming all the necessary achievements? Thank you.
  9. Where can I get the megacar pack today anyways? I don't find any place to buy it and nowhere to download. Thanks! Best, X8X8X
  10. My feeling of playing through TDU for the first time never was paralleled... Best regards, X8X8X
  11. Thank you for your work! I just bought the Bugatti EB 110 SS, one of my all-time favourite supercars. An XJ220 would be the icing on the cake, and my request ;) Best regards, X8X8X
  12. Thank you very much for your help! I did not try PvP yet (having just finished the story) I tried sending factions missions already. There is a twelve hour waiting period in between (now?), but it's an ok source of money. Sadly I have not bought the Wild Run DLC, so I cannot try your method, Donnie. I have not been able to find the bonus missions, Robik. Where are they? So, having finished the story (and visited most of the landmarks), I've got 600.000$ laying around, waiting to be spend on a supercar (mainly for fullstock cruising). Which one would you get? And, is there a chance for a sale on the 300 SLR Uhrlenhaut? I saved my 100.000 CC for it only to see it costs nearly 200.000... Thanks. Best Regards X8X8X
  13. Hello chaps, Having stayed away from the game for a year now (thanks to its abysmal performance), I finally bought The Crew (performance seems to be improved in Wild Run for me). Do you have any hints how to make money fast - and easy - in The Crew? I'd like to get some nice cars but haven't got too much time to play it - sadly. Thanks. Best Regards X8X8X
  14. I cannot active hard-core mode with my online-profile (Project Paradise). What did I do wrong? Thanks! Regards X8X8X
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