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  1. Tomorrow, I am going to share the Tech-demo video which covers some of the technical and conceptual aspects of the project. The video is not done, yet. Friday I will share another video which is me driving in a scene - Nurburgring, to be exact - with some cars to show how the physics and the sound simulation work.
  2. The model is kinda messy but it is not very terrible,tho. About the rain shader: Yes that's me there. The rain shader is going to be shared for free after finishing this project as it is not very stable and optimized. The realtime rain effect is actually not that expensive, Here is a demo of it with ~2000 water particles in an older version of the project. Also I was playing with keyboard in the video. I'm going to work on its shader and the way the water drops behave, when possible. Nearly everything is either in pre-alpha or alpha and some in beta versions.
  3. Until Wednesday. have a look at these images. This is a series of images showing how I modeled a car in 3DS Max. I used to have and drive the car in real life and it also was the test car for the ATG: Kish project. _______________________________________________ Yes! those are sometimes tricky to use The video will come in 2 days from now.
  4. These are some screenshots of my own driving simulator software/videogame which is called "Around The Ground: Kish" (call it Kish, if you like). More contents in about this project is available here. [ATTACH=full]32081[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]32079[/ATTACH] Visit this link for more info about the project. [ATTACH=full]32080[/ATTACH]
  5. Not sure if it's only me or not, But I find the 2012 model more attractive. I don't mind driving either of them!!
  6. If it's free to apply then why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I'd show my 3D models to Playground Games, if I were a serious 3D modeler!
  7. That is a heavily customized prebuilt physics system. My plan is to make it as realistic as possible. After some examination, I concluded that the wheel-collider function of PhysX3 (and soon, PhysX4) is much better than a custom raycasting method for a true car behavior simulation, therefore it uses Wheel-Collider functions. A tech-demo video of the car physics system (and more!) to come this Wednesday, stay tuned!!
  8. Hey Djey! Thank you for your support. Thanks new Diablo I appreciate that. Actually, three cars have physics system set up. There is going to be a video on Wednesday which I can't wait to show you guys! There you can see the cars in action .
  9. Danke :) :D I take it back, we don't look like each other!! [ the emoji of PewDiePie with the "Hmm" figure :D ] Btw, looking for more updates TDUZoqqer.
  10. The thread is ready, here is its link: Various - A community project: "Around The Ground: Kish" [Official] . The more I read your thread, the more I doubt if you are me... are you me? :D We kinda generally think just the same about the reason of our projects (TDU) and the stuff like that!! BTW, that is why I used a pre-made physics engine for my own video game! Although I recommend C# instead of visual scripting, Alles sieht gut aus!
  11. //Around The Ground: Kish -= Driving & Lifestyle Simulator =- _About What is it? "Around The Ground: Kish" formerly known as Project "92" is an indie driving simulator video-game, and is inspired by the original "Test Drive Unlimited 2006" video game. Which means driving dream cars, buying luxury houses and condos, chillaxing and living in a summery island are the key concepts of the project. There is more to that, lots of cool ideas may be added to the project. The island is Kish, a luxurious island of the Persian territory which has never been ever simulated/used in a video-game before. When will it be ready? If I ever finish the project, that wouldn't be soon at all!! While its structure is almost ready but its island 3D model needs a team to be finished. The island is approximately two times bigger than GTA V's whole map. And it uses 100% GIS real data provided by Nokia, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. There are no story modes, no ragdoll animations and no multiplayer, yet. As I said, this is just a passion project. Where will it be released? Steam. It is primarily for PC with some plans for adding an additional Android app (something like iFruit for GTA V) How much does it cost? Although I paid for premium plugins and the web-hosting bills. And I can't pay for them anymore, I decided to make it free to play. Who can enjoy playing it? I think younger people are not the target audience because I planned to design it to have the TDU gameplay with NFS customization feature and GranTurismo physics. "ATG: Kish" is a simulator, therefore neither its game-play is not similar to "Burnout" nor has it the racing atmosphere of "Project CARS". Why this project is made? I was a computer software engineer student at the time of devising the project, designing the game was my hobby and still is. For more info about why I made it, please visit this link. Which innovative features are in this project? I have planned lots of innovative features for this project, from online marketplaces to XR and so much more which I will publicly share them on its website and also here, when possible. How come the logo looks like that? Is this a final version project? No, Everything is either alpha or beta. As I said, this is a passion project and passion projects take too much effort to do. They take too much energy and time, This project needs people's support if it ever wants to get finished. Is this a sponsored project? No, it is a "passion project". I emptied my bank account for this project However, I would love to find a successful publisher or sponsor with a professional team to back this project up! _Updates Check the official Blog of this project and/or follow this project here for more info about the updates and news of this indie video game project. _Showcase Here you may watch the contents of the project based on its version number. Version 0.01 Pre-Alpha More images of this version of the game to be uploaded in its website. Version 0.01b Pre-Alpha Version 0.02 Pre-Alpha Version 0.02 Pre-Alpha within the island scene version 0.1 Beta The above image is the Nürburgring scene for prototyping and stuff like that, that scene will not be a part of the final version. _Links The official website The official unity forum The official modders community forum (TurboDuck) The official PolyCount forum The official twitter
  12. Hello, duckies! I find reading threads about video game updates entertaining, thus I made this for you . This project needs your thoughts, support and well, your help! so boost up your turbos and enjoy reading this thread!! Regards. UPDATE: Download a demo of its brand new, AAA and Industry-standard physics engine here.
  13. Hallo herr, Das ist sehr toll!! That looks like a cool project. I also am making a game/ simulator software. I will be making a thread about it soon. Good luck dude, Mega geil!!
  14. Hello new Diablo (Murciélago :D ) , I have a question. I would like to show off my video game project but I want to know which section of the forum is the best place to open a thread about it, would you please tell me which section can I do so? Thanks.
    1. Eudemon


      if it's racing game I would put it in https://forum.turboduck.net/forums/driving-racing-games.151/ if it's any other game you can go here https://forum.turboduck.net/forums/gaming-discussion.30/
  15. I just hope BigBen could watch this thread and the dedication that people do for this game!! That is great, Good job!! Kinda off-topic but I have to say that I hope TDU3 could be better than the concept arts of the TDU2.
  16. Diablo should change his name to Murciélago :)))) Okay I'll stop :D BTW, Best wishes to TurboDuck!
  17. Hey there Fortunately, I'm not a bot :) Can't wait to show the project to you guys!! However, It's a WIP project. Have a nice day. Bye.
  18. Hello there. Great to see this forum and its creative and ambitious members again, I was once here a long time ago - as a teenager - with a shared account with my friend, this is me and with my own account now. I am working on a project which looks same as the concept of Test Drive Unlimited and I can't wait to share it with you people. I hope you would enjoy it :) . And always keep up the good work!! Best.
  19. Great Job Milli (and the other modders), excellent!
  20. Hello. I was able to use this mod and really enjoyed it, The nostalgia with the game is really pleasing to me. Thus I'd like to thank the author of this mod, and also thank the other creators. Great Job! I installed the original TDU with the DLC, I then installed the 1.68B, 2.00A and finally this one. Although I've installed Patch 2.00A, the main menu says it is 1.68b. But that doesn't matter, though. Best.
  21. I would like to thank the author(s) of this mod I was able to play this game again after years and this mod brought the game to life once again. Best.
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