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  1. @Milli when will be 1.13 released and what you have there as added cars? can you also please add more cameras for the game v1.13? also they can be named custom cameras 11,12,...))
  2. It is a pity that they were not as demanded as others Those who are out of luck to try TDU PlatinumPlus (CLOSED) All 38 updates in 1 file https://yadi.sk/d/TsbuumMZPzXzCA (DELETED)
  3. @Milli Good luck with Platinum TDU PlatinumPlus is closed and deleted https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/36841-test-drive-unlimited-platinum-plus/
  4. Yes and i'm who made that before deleted in all internet like my other cars maybee will be added in TDU Platinum
  5. Don't need the button to push, just need to edit the model and police lights works wel in tdu
  6. All done and released updates are uploaded in this community club there will be more cars and more hidden tuning packs you can find already in my club 4 updates with 34 cars soon will be released update 5 with this cars Update 5 = Oldtimers AMC Pacer X Hatchback By Miha2795/TDUSapphire (Sourkho) Austin Cooper S Mark I Sedan By Miha2795/TDUSapphire (Sourkho) Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Sixth Generation Coupe By Rulezzz/TDUSapphire (Sourkho) Cord 812 Charged Beverly Sedan By Miha2795/TDUSapphire (Sourkho) Hudson Hornet Six Club First Generation Coupe By Miha2
  7. You know Millena))) i don't care official or not official i like the TDU and thats the point You have done a great job in Platinum and you know my work on mods Sapphire +200 vehicles with any bug on it now that +200 will be in Platinum and also i'm gonna fix all tdu mods with one by one and of course i will make new body kits for it and install it on Platinum you dont even need to put my name there to delete my name from uploading file i have created name Sapphire thats why i dont care official or not official Thank you for the Platinum and like i told you before i'm gonna
  8. pull some traffic? So you think I'm new to TurboDuck? so tell me, what's the problem with me now? I have visited this site even since 2012 and also modder all my files and my workshop are deleted, but there are some who know me here My name is Sourkho and before i have been making TDU Sapphire When Platinum released i did contacted Millena Silva and i have told her that i'm gonna mix Platinum and Sapphire So what is your problem with me and Platinum when i did explained all with owner from Platinum if you need true, i don't want you traffic, support from here or even to pr
  9. Updates by TDU Sapphire for TDU Platinum Platinum mods will be fixed and build new body kits https://vk.com/tdu_sapphire Test Drive Unlimited Platinum + 1. Update BMW E82 https://yadi.sk/d/VB2-eXgnnugDHQ Test Drive Unlimited Platinum + 2. Update Huracan Coupe https://yadi.sk/d/U3UjRGVxGSZY-w Test Drive Unlimited Platinum + 3. Update Huracan Spyder https://yadi.sk/d/KIBHt8fUNB4Y-Q make sure, that you have made your backup files
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