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  1. Meet the next instalment in the TDU series, as some familiar faces tour Hong Kong Island, the Solar Hotel, and Street/Sharp Headquarters. The game is reportedly feature complete (excluding post-launch content) and now expected to release early in 2024, avoiding a crowded release window with the likes of The Crew Motorfest and Forza Motorsport, and allowing more time to optimise and polish the game. If you haven't already, be sure to visit testdriveunlimited.com and sign up to the newsletter for a chance to be invited into future beta tests. Got thoughts? Share them below! Image credit: Alex VII
  2. TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED SOLAR CROWN NEWS // 21 April 2021 KT Racing + Nacon have provided their second glimpse at the highly-anticipated third installment in the Test Drive Unlimited series. The brief trailer teases the lifestyle players can expect to experience: Why send a message to a Solar Crown competitors' smart-watch when you can leave a conspicuous-looking envelope on the dresser? Somebody better start a car list thread... Have you ever seen such high quality car key fobs in a racing game before? Indicators present and accounted for. Dat Ass... ton Martin. Is this a hint at the quality of in-game characters and level of customisation available? Might this person be 'feeling in top form'? The casino will be a welcome return for many players. You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run... You never count your car keys while you're sitting at the table, there'll be time enough for countin' when the dealing's done. Could this be the exit ramp of a giant yacht? With a casino on said yacht? The next chapter (presumably another video trailer) is expected 3 months from now in July 2021. Don't be shy, what do you think of this trailer? What hints have we missed speculating about?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Included in this download pack are two short videos that you may use to promote the TurboDuck gaming community. You can do this by placing this video near the beginning or end of any videos you upload to YouTube or similar websites. Don't forget to include a link to https://turboduck.net somewhere in your video description or pinned comment. Please ensure that any content you create that uses either of these promotional video clips does not break any of the rules that exist on this forum.
  4. View File Promoting TurboDuck in your Videos Included in this download pack are two short videos that you may use to promote the TurboDuck gaming community. You can do this by placing this video near the beginning or end of any videos you upload to YouTube or similar websites. Don't forget to include a link to https://turboduck.net somewhere in your video description or pinned comment. Please ensure that any content you create that uses either of these promotional video clips does not break any of the rules that exist on this forum. Submitter Ryzza5 Submitted 04/20/2020 Category Other Games
  5. It was fun to watch, but is it fun to drive? Clarkson told us he would organise the car battle of the decade. Clarkson teased us about this epic track battle. And well, Chris Harris delivered. I guess it helps when you don't have to put an entire season together that is bound to be heavily scrutinised upon release. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've already heard about Chris Harris' latest upload. And, unless you've been busy polishing said rock, no doubt you've already seen it. As I am now rocking (sorry) a new headset, I thought I had better bring my Fanatec CSR Elite out of early retirement and answer the age-old question: can men talk and drive at the same time? Oh, and is the P1 really that fun and easy to drive? I also share a few thoughts on the film as I complete two laps of the 'ring. Want to see the film and discuss it with like-minded petrolheads? We have a forum for that.
  6. Thats it :) Keep em comming il start off! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kP8fpgoIj8
  7. $40 gets you access to the playable alpha demo: Road Redemption official website
  8. Awesome sound... http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/sound-of-honda-26-years-ago-1548881597?fb_action_ids=10201291411882139&fb_action_types=og.likes
  9. Every year (except for the last couple of years :p) Diablo would treat his faithful followers (you lot) to a quick (and drunken) 'all the best for next year' message. Given that TDU-C is nearing it's 5th anniversary we need something a bit more special than a grainy incomprehensible silhouette posted on another members YouTube channel. There's also a slightly better example . Thanks to the power of peer-pressure, Diablo has no choice but to honour this request, but this thread is where you can also request what you want to see Diablo saying/doing in his video. Perhaps you'd like a tour of his residence (or just the bathroom), or you'd like to hear his famous Shaun Connery impersonation, or maybe you want to see the dress he wears when Baldy comes over to play. :lol: Make a list below (keep it clean). Copy the existing list and add yours to the bottom to make it easier (like this).
  10. Being a good muppet and not posting this in the chatbox, but I couldn't find the thread within 2 minutes so I'm making a new one Lots of parts flying off which is good, but I can't help but think the car still looks a little rigid when it makes contact. Maybe that's why why BeamNG call it SOFT-body damage physics.
  11. -Lamborghini Countach sound W.I.P things to do : start up , general fixes.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLUYL0e01EE
  12. Some videos I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLONOnZWkKg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHjaL66zot4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ENVoIH4PLo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWxA9NQ4wyA
  13. Eudemon

    video player

    From the album: Eudemon

    Our own video player written base on HTML 5, available in all area of our site where editor is enabled. read more: http://eudemon.org/t...y-minor-change/

    © Eudemon.org

  14. !Gallery home page slide show has been replaced by a patchwork of random recent images, each images will flash and change positions +The Video Player is purely based on HTML 5 video player with custom skin (Ya Ya miracle of HTML5, although some developers still think it is little buggy) To use the player, you will have to upload it to some file storage centers where they allow you to direct link to the file This skips the trouble when you have to go through 3rd party websites to upload video, and user friendly, no advertisement, better control We may host video in the future, but right now, my wallet can't support it (sob sob...) Currently it only support 4 formats (limited by html, there is nothing i can do): (I have only tested mp4, so let me know if you find others don't work) .mp4 .flv .ogv .webm to apply, simply click special bbcode -> media from our editor, from there you will be able to input the url or you can manually enter following format [media]http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.mp4[/media] note that for our media system, you can just use URL mode and paste the link (without tags) below is an actual example of the player http://eudemon.org/img/amagami.mp4 You ask me why I'm using this version of the ending? (P.S. if you don't know, the character at the end is different base on the story) it's because of my own liking wakaka ... ouch
  15. UPDATE #1: GT6 Demo coming in July GT Academy 2013 Kicks Off in July with Gran Turismo 6 Demo PlayStation.Blog New info and media including some 'leafy' screens are posted on the official PlayStation blogs. Gran Turismo 6 is coming PlayStation.Blog.Europe Gran Turismo 6 Unveiled, Out This Holiday on PS3 PlayStation.Blog http://www.gran-turismo.com/jp/news/00_1910783.html Just released on the Official GT youtube. Some more videos:
  16. Going to create a few more videos with the different motorsport events I have photographed this year. It was my first year photographing :) Second Video done - BTCC
  17. We've got a Funny Video thread, but awesome videos aren't usually funny, so we need a new thread. Go find lots of awesome stuff to share :cheeese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKWoPlL2B8I
  18. Hello! My mate bought a HD PVR so we decided to make a drifting video. We are far from pro's but its all good fun learning. Drifting Video Hope you enjoy.
  19. Hello Every Body hope you are doing well ?? So this is Some video that i Made hope you like it
  20. My latest video: Rest of my videos can be found from my . I just got my capture device so more should show up there later on. ;)
  21. Why don't we have one of these yet (iirc we had something similar quite a while ago)... Anyway go through your favourites or find something new and see if you can win the chance to pick your nose, I mean theme. :p There's ark-loads of choices available to choose from so please avoid any NSFW or unpleasant videos. Also please avoid compilation videos, or tell us which part of the comp you are entering (mention the start/end point) Vote for your favourite right now by giving it a like. You may only 'like' one video post, but you can still give private rep to others as well if there are lots of great entries. That way we don't have to waste time with a poll and can go straight to the next theme. Week 2: live Tv fails
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