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  1. I've already mentioned, I used the latest version of both of them.. but the game still crashes
  2. Hey guys, I've recently downloaded tdu natan edition from hfgarage. One of the cars ( bugatti chiron ) has very low tire grip so I decided to fix it with tdupe 2.78 . However, after I change literally anything ( car name, price, or any performance related stuff ) and save , the game won't start anymore. Then I tried editing with tduf 2.0 database editor but still the same occurs. Reverting to the original state fixes the crash. Any help? Also, I'm not very knowledgeable about car handling so any tips on how to increase tire grip is also appreciated.
    Nice mod. Found a few bugs but great job anyway. Took the Chiron SS there and managed to hit 496kmh.
  3. Don't know if it's a issue or not, looks like Hennessey cars are missing from the game even though it's present in the db.bnk file. I've looked through the databases of previous versions of tdu platinum and found out that the newly added SSC ultimate aero is placed at where the Venom GT was and now the Venom is missing from the game. Hope the author will fix it.
    Will it be a problem if I keep the original tdu IGE files ( the ones with race info ) rather than the ones come with platinum version?
    Is it possible to edit the race files ( the ones with .ige ) ?
  4. I've Installed the game, installed platinum v1, then updated to v1.21 still it doesn't work. Everything else is ok but only that race have this issue. another question, do u plan to add Koenigsegg jesko in the next update?
  5. A little help here. I was playing that one race which goes through the entire map,, but as soon as I start the race the cars start to glitch out of the map repeatedly, like the attached pic ( it's not mine) . I'm racing with a koenigsegg regera and the opponents are also type-A cars. tried reinstalling the game but didn't work.
  6. So what are those hidden 470 cars? are they new models or special version of the existing ones? Also how do I find them?
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