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  1. Yep I almost totally agree, but Rory's sections still grate on me and I'm pretty sure Sabine is a far better coach than that. She was certainly quite different with Clarkson at the Ring
  2. Ichiban for men... i did wonder how many people would get that reference :lol:
  3. He made his first dig within minutes on episode 1... something about traction control and supercars on their roofs. I did think the animations were good but for me they just get in the way of the cars and only detracted that segment. It would be much better to see raw footage than something thats overly edited and stylised.... 'we' all complain about scripted moments but thats essentially what they doing be animating through every scene. Leave it raw and flawed and it will look way better. I've seen a few places previously of Matts bike skills so I'm inclined to believe the footage was of him... he wasn't pulling anything too technical anyway (for a competent biker at least) Sorry for the swear earlier
  4. I've enjoyed them all so far. Dare I say it, its a bit better than the grand tour. Yes the BigFoot segment was quite dull and stretched out, but holy shit Matt can ride a bike. I still find Rory to be a bit of a 3rd wheel and find him boring even when he's doing really interesting segment. Plus I am getting really tired of Harris' not so subtle digs at the old crew. Him and Matt are much better drivers than J, R and J others so he doesn't need to be a git about it so often. The Japan challenge was good, I just wish they'd actually try to sell their cars when they got back rather than trashing them just before they left.
  5. First thing i thought of when I saw that logo
  6. Dammit, totally forgot about this. Will have to catch up on iplayer in a bit Glad it seems to be good so far
  7. You know the 7 comes with an adapter in the box.
  8. Yeah man, its one of my favourite non gin drinks at the moment
  9. Damn though, the Nomad looked amazing in the corners. Its shapes were brilliant... It did not do that in FH3. Oh the finish line girl was pretty hot too :)
  10. I do keep getting tempted to buy some in game stuff. But then it really is just a matter of time until I can afford it anyway... Plus when you play through stuff after everyone else there less idiots (who have nothing better to do) deliberately trying to spoil it for no reason
  11. Oh yeah man that would be amazing... I've still got my 360 copy if you want me to send it to you. Can 360 players play online with XBO?
  12. TDU2 wasn't great. As long as its on par with that or better I'd be happy
  13. I can wait longer but I really hope they nail it sooner rather than later... the current crop of racing games are nothing but mediocre, wrapped up in gilt shell. But i fear it will just end up being another HalfLife 3-esque saga
  14. Yes, this is completely normal when you have a new bike
  15. I listen to Anjunadeep a lot! The podcasts are always good
  16. Well, I actually enjoyed... Its just light hearted car themed entertainment. If you expect anything more you'll only ever be disappointed, which imo is your own fault not their (its not marketed as anything else). Anyway, they set so many high bars in previous shows that its always going to be nigh on impossible to come up with truly new ideas. FinalGear was issued with a cease and desist a few years ago, so now its just a forum. Might be worth checking EZTV though
  17. Was good to see Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas chatting at the end of the race in Abu Dhabi... Wish the final race could be on a more exciting track that allowed the drivers to challenge each other a bit more. Hopefully Liberty can bring in some good changes in the future and not just kowtow to arab money.
  18. Its winter now so i'm not fit at all, plus the company a worked for closed last year so I only get a few weeks of freelance guiding now... although I get to ride for myself more which is way more fun
  19. I'm a mechanic in a bike shop now, but also a bit of guiding in the Alps during the summer... got another bike coming in Jan (unless it gets delayed again) thats a bit better though. This one is just a free bike for the year, so I'll trash it during the winter and save the other one for sunny riding.
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