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  1. Yeah I know. TDU SC isn't exactly coming out this year either though.
  2. After seeing all of the mods I don't know if I could play TDU on any other platform than PC. The second hand graphics card market will soon be flooded with cheap 1080Tis and 2080's, 2080Ti's from people upgrading to cheaper-than-usual 3080s (once stock levels are sufficient).
  3. Cool name choice @ItsJustAnotherExcuse. Now we just need MyDaddyWasADJ to join.
  4. Took you long enough! (cheeky). Welcome back, Tim. Confirms a 5 year development plan, and may give clues as to a potential release window next year, assuming no delays. 5 years is also plenty long enough to expect a brand new location to cruise about. https://www.cnc.fr/jeu-video/actualites/kylotonn-linnovation-au-service-des-jeux-de-sports-mecaniques_1292670
  5. So the weekend has passed, what was the new game? Anything TDU related?
  6. Well I never... look! Who's back! Welcome back.
  7. Congrats on the upgrade. I'm curious, what made you go Intel?
  8. The game will still be playable but will be de-listed from the Microsoft Store. Physical copies of the game may be available but do not include much in the way of DLC.
  9. There aren't any public islands off Australia that are full with rich people and supercars. TDU likes to go after that lifestyle as well as just the island.
  10. Looks interesting, but some reviews that I've heard aren't a fan of the audio-buzz in the wheel generated from engine revs.
  11. It's AU $56 for me - the point is that it might be available in Europe for @VX97
  12. Hi all. I'm from Melbourne AU, and regularly played TDU1 on PC when it first released up until the servers closed. I completed TDU2 and took part in a few online cruises but didn't enjoy the physics/handling unfortunately. The dirt-road handling was more tolerable. I managed to win the TDU2 Superfan contest many years ago with this amateurish trailer. I stopped playing TDU2 when I was accepted into the WMD program that helped fund and develop Project CARS. These days I've packed away my Fanatec CSR Elite wheel + pedals and I play The Crew 2 and Rocket League on PC using a Xbox One gam
  13. CDKeys.com also has TDU2 listed, but not very cheap. https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/test-drive-unlimited-2-pc-cd-key-steam I wonder if proceeds of sale for TDU2 goes to KT Racing? It would be funny if someone heard about TDU World and increased their prices.
  14. Some more interesting news today - MS have removed the "Annual Subscription' option for Live Gold. You can only get 1 or 3 month subscriptions now. Users can instead get 1 year of Xbox Game Pass which includes Live Gold (for a slightly higher fee). Retail outlets likely still have 12 month Live Gold subscription codes as well for a limited time (in case you were desperate for one).
  15. Geoff Keighley goes hands--on with the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. It looks a little larger, feels a little heavier, hsa a louder speaker on board, and there are few other nifty features on board. Whether or not they are used in cross-platform titles remains to be seen. 00:00 - First Hands on With DualSense! 04:58 - Astro's Playroom Demo 08:19 - Eric Lempel Interview 18:00 - When will Pre-Orders Start? Do these features add up to your console-buying decision making process, or are they just novelties to be dismissed?
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