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  1. Ryzza5

    Site satisfactory survey

    Someone using the lite theme probably won't notice that. So if there's a way for the forum to override that CSS behaviour it would be useful.
  2. Ryzza5

    Report problems

    The double quote might be done by the software, I wrote only one set of {quote}{/quote} tags That calendar entry is in June if you want to check it. You can impersonate my login.
  3. Ryzza5

    New site discovery

    I meant a field specifically for URL's that can be clicked on. One field for the URL and a limited character field for the description that shows up.
  4. Ryzza5

    Site satisfactory survey

    Option 3 in the poll was so tempting but I behaved myself this time Nice to rego's going up. When pasting text it often has a white background showing in dark mode:
  5. Ryzza5

    Report problems

    This does move the cursor down beyond the quote but does not let me edit the text shown here:
  6. Ryzza5

    New site discovery

    Perhaps a single-line text field can be added to user profiles which displays in the post-bit on the side? This can be used to hyperlink to a project or YouTube channel.
  7. The challenger series has begun - you can view the full schedule here: https://www.projectcarsesports.com/smsr2019schedule.html
  8. I'm sure we used to censor that word (s**n)
  9. I think despite being public, members can still choose to join to receive notifs. Being public means that forum members can see which gaming events are being planned without having to join.
  10. Ryzza5

    Report problems

    Good to know, although I'm more likely to create them from scratch, as there is no other calendar with the info to import them from.
  11. On Feb 19 cross-platform clubs and parties arrive in Rocket League. If you want to represent the duck as you go about winning RL matches left right and centre, post below with your Steam name (or RocketID after Feb 19) and I'll invite you to join club TDUC. All those other players without a club will be jealous when they see that you belong to a club and must have many friends to play online with. If you want to organise matches with other TDUCK members (myself included) this is the place to do it.
  12. Ryzza5

    What color schema do you prefer?

    I would lean towards no. Those who love dark mode (in general) are more likely to go looking for it.
  13. This update will allow you to invite friends to your Party from other platforms so that you can take on the world together.
  14. Ryzza5

    Report problems

    Check my screenshot above, the B for toggling bold font is the first item there. No Source button.
  15. Ryzza5

    Report problems

    Not seeing an 'edit source' button anywhere