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  1. No wories, I wasn't sure if you were referring to an external way of increasing the value of something before selling it back.
  2. Money cheats should only be used for offline profiles. Servers have cheat detection and you risk being banned.
  3. Mod note - user was replying to posts and inserting spam links in the quotes to avoid detection.

    1. They have caused the community server to crash in the past, meaning no-one can play until the server owner restarts it.
    2. Ryzza5

      TDU Solar Crown

      Repository of artwork and screeshots for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, due for release in 2023.
    3. This will be because you enabled 'Report Combined Pedals' to solve another problem in your other thread. When the pedals are combined, they share one axis. It is therefore impossible to accelerate and brake, just like it is impossible to steer left and right at the same time.
    4. Real life car accelerator/brake pedals are not exactly linear either. Have you considered looking for pedal mods (custom springs, dampeners) that you can purchase to improve the feel? You can press Ctrl+G in game (may require Hardcore mode) to show an overlay of inputs to verify if you have any deadzone or sensitivity issues. You can also try recalibrating the controls in Windows or remap them in game, being sure you push down all the way.
    5. You need to install and connect to any VPN (you know the ones that most YouTube sponsors talk about) for one time when first using Platinum with an online profile. Once you're in you can get rid of the VPN as you shouldn't need it again. Pick something reputable with a free trial or no questions asked refund policy. Connecting to Europe/Netherlands seems to work the best.
    6. Your savegame files are located in Documents\Test Drive Unlimited. You can back them up and any time simply by copying and pasting the folder elsewhere. It's recommended that you do this every so often, especially after progressing through the races. If you switch to the Alfa Romeo GTV (F class) and save, then reinstall TDU and play it without any mods, you may be able to complete the race that was crashing for you. After installing the game, go to the installation folder (i.e. C:\Games\Test Drive Unlimited) and make a backup copy of all of the files before installing any mods on top. That way to can switch between vanilla and modded versions of the game at any time. You can make as many duplicates of the installation folder as you like. You may need to copy the d3d9.dll file from Platinum into your vanilla folder so that you can log into your online profile.
    7. Use a VPN the first time you create an online profile. I find connecting to a European country such as the Netherlands works well.
    8. Ian Bell, CEO of Straight 4 Studios (and former CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, known for the Project CARS and Need for Speed Shift racing games), revealed in a tweet some innovative work using game event triggers (such as a player scoring a goal or crashing a racing car) to dynamically form prompts to generate relevant AI commentary or pit-crew advice, influenced by real-life voices. The work is likely to be included in an upcoming racing simulation GTR Revival. This first video explains the concept, how it works, and provides a demonstration. The game featured below is said to be Automobilista 2, which uses the same Madness game engine as Project CARS 2. This second video demonstrates a race by internal QA tester Austin Ogonoski speaking to a virtual pit crew member, an AI borrowing its voice from Ben Collins (Straight 4 Studios Handling consultant, also famous for his role as The Stig (BBC Top Gear) and a stunt driver in recent James Bond and Fast & Furious movies). Partial transcript from first video: It's interesting to see multiple layers of AI (text generation, conversational response, and speech synthesis) being used in video games, particularly the possibilities of assisting or coaching players. Numerous sim-racing games support API extensibility which has allowed for community-created Pit Crew chief mods, which while not AI-based, increase immersion and allow visual HUD elements to be hidden. This new AI-based system needs to do even better, without feeling cheap or over-done. Whilst simulated commentary has existed in many sports-based video games such as FIFA for decades, I cannot think of any racing games that feature anything at a similar level (besides background repetitive commentary in games like GRID Legends). Some larger organised racing leagues stream or record races with live human commentary but smaller groups may not have the time or resources for this so these might be interested in this endeavour. One concern however is that a successful patent application may dissuade other studios from implementing similar features. Sources What do you think about the strides made by AI this year such as Chat GPT (language model) and Stable Diffusion (art generator)? Are you happy to see them added to video games? Do you have other ideas how they could be used in games?
    9. According to Beefy, you can find any copy of TDU2 and use any shared CD Key, this means second-hand purchases will be ok if you can find any. The only requirement is that you must not use a crack as this causes issues with online multiplayer. I realise the game is hard to find but we do not allow members to link to pirated websites. Some have had success looking for iso files on archive.org
    10. TDU1 always had issues recovering from an Alt+Tab. The best solution is to avoid playing Full Screen. There's a Windows app called Borderless Gaming that some have had success with. Perhaps you can do some research into using it with TDU.
    11. A torrent file is small and tells specific 'torrent programs' how to download the content from various users (peer-to-peer file sharing). Please search Google or YouTube for the basics on how to use a torrent file.
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