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Here are some vehicle tunes that I have made for AutoPack vehicles, now keep in mind that these tunes are not completely mine. Credit goes to Mitkop81 for making the original tunes and I changed the unrealistic stats to be more like the real version. I will update this thread whenever I have a new tune ready for people to check out.

Also, I thoroughly test my tunes before releasing them. But if you find something that seems off about the tunes, let me know and I will do some corrections. So without further ado, let’s get onto the list.


First off, you will need the newest version of Vehicle Property Editor (VPE), by Binbow, in order to import the tunes into the database. To import: Put the .bin file into the "ImportExport" folder (for simplicity); then launch VPE; then select the target vehicle, using the "Brand" tab and the "Model" tab to find the vehicle that matches the .bin file name; once you find the vehicle model, select it in the model tab and click on the "Load" button; once the vehicle is loaded up, click the "Import" button and select the .bin file that is named the same as the selected vehicle; select the correct .bin file and double click on it; you will see the stats change, but they aren't applied yet; after you see the stats change, click apply and the import is complete.


Importing in my custom tunes is the same process as above, but you need to have Unofficial Community Patch V0.4 installed (since it's the only way to have Maserati brand). AutoPack is optional, but a good idea to have installed.

You also need to pick a vehicle to use as a replacement. I recommend using something that's unreleased, since certain released vehicles might be a bit stubborn when it comes to removing their rims (like the boss vehicles for example).


Autopack realistic re-tunes:

BMW M4 Akropovic (from AutoPack 1.7)

- Engine performance made to be as realistic as possible

- Transmission gear ratios made to be as realistic as possible

- Grip performance has been increased to allow the car to corner much better.

- No need to change tire specifications


Custom tunes:

Maserati Levante S.bin

Maserati Levante S Tire specs


Future releases:

BMW i8 (from AutoPack 1.5)

Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo (from AutoPack 1.7)

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