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  1. If anybody lives state side or in Canada, or has Target stores locally. You can get the Crew at their online price in store for $19.99 USD or what ever it translates to local currency. don't know what it is for the 360, but its $19.99 for Xbox One and PS4 http://www.target.com/p/the-crew-xbox-one/-/A-14656993#prodSlot=medium_1_3&term=the+crew
  2. If anybody cruises on the Xbox One, shoot me a message and invite. I'm always down the cruise. I'm an old school cruiser from the TDU days on X360. I'm pretty chill and online whenever I'm not working or spending time with my son. I'm on the East Coast US. An adult cruiser (somewhat mature) i usually follow road rules unless feeling peppy or impatient.... Lol either way, I'm always down to cruise, I roll any type of car, basically depending on my mood. GT: J0etheBr0 (the O's are zeros) Yes, I know the thread hasnt been updated in a while. Don't care. Still seeing if anybody still plays this. I don't have many people to cruise with on here.
  3. >.< Hate to sound like a total goof. But is there a type of tool that does the same for FS9 Oh BTW here's what the description of FSEconomy for anybody whos interested. FSEconomy is an economical environment for General Aviation flight simmers! You are a "pilot for hire", and you will use various aircraft to fly passengers and/or cargo that are scattered throughout the flight simulator world. The virtual money you earn from flying can be used within the FSE world to buy aircraft, start a Virtual Airline, or open an FBO business. FBOs (or Fixed-Base Operator) sell fuel, provide aircraft maintenance services, sell avionics, and can operate a small passenger terminal. FSEconomy does not simulate a "scheduled airline" type of environment. The game will place paying passengers/cargo randomly at all of the world's airports, with random destinations. As an FSE pilot, you must choose the best available aircraft for the job given the assignment and revenue. You must either rent an aircraft or use one that you own. You can choose a career on your own or you can start (or join) a group of other pilots. "Groups" can collectively own an aircraft and share it amongst themselves to create a realistic business. FSEconomy consists of a website and a small software program that interacts with your Microsoft or X-Plane Flight Simulator. The website is where you find assignments; rent, buy, sell, and maintain your aircraft; manage your bank account; and join or start groups. The software program (called the 'Agent' or 'Client') is what is used to connect your Flight Simulator environment with the FSE website database. The world of FSEconomy is filled with aircraft of various makes and models. These aircraft are persistent and accumulate engine and airframe time when used. Aircraft can only be flown by one pilot at a time and are only available at the location that they were last flown to. The fuel level is monitored by the agent, and the next person to use that aircraft will have to start with the fuel level that the last pilot left it with. Every airport has the capability to generate assignments which are available to everybody using the FSE system on a first-come, first-served basis. Multiple assignments can be flown simultaneously and assignments can be locked for later use (beware of assignment expiration times). Assignments may also be claimed by Flight Groups, so pilots who are part of that group can fly them. Like the real world, assignments come and go, so it’s possible that an airport that has five jobs today could have none tomorrow. FSE is not designed to simulate scheduled-airline assignments that are always consistent; rather, it is a simulation of General Aviation -- sometimes there are jobs available, sometimes there aren't.
  4. Well im in fs9. But know we all can fly together... Used to do it some time ago.... Was tempted to try VATSIM. But really need to brush up on ATC communication lol. Any of you guys try out FSEconomy ? Hell... I didn't even know all you guys flew in FS9/FSX. I think i saw stuff with patchy and ozzmcom..... and that was it... Insert shameless plug here FS Economy FSEconomy Forums Its a womderful and friendly forum, and a fun way to flight sim with a reason. Its basically putting into an economy into flight sim. You pick up and drp off pax and/or cargo. Make money, build up businesses and fbos, buy aircraft and fly from anywhere in what ever aircraft you own or rent. Its soo much to list I Have a few hours flight logged... Made.my self in total v$120k. Saving up for my first plane. Im enjoying it get to fully use the planes you download. Just make sure they are on the list. Were now startin to get into the heavys. 727 is the first of the heavy iron .
  5. Yea... just wondering... Does anybody have and fly in M$ Flight Simulator.
  6. Im absolutly down for it...just shoot me a msg in xbl when you tjink you have enough people down to play
  7. Lol I saw you playing that clarence...... Totally jealous..... But in the same boat as camel..... In process of playing ME2. Dont wanna hear it lmao
  8. Ok... Genius idea... If tdu & tdu2 was soooo easy to crack. Then one would think the security protocal at both atari n eden would prob be the same .... Lmafo... Uh oh they said it !!!!!
  9. Broseph

    First Car!

    Dont have pics tho from that far back 1996 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5L 24v V6 auto 55,000 miles $550 usd Purchased back in 2003 Long gone now lol
  10. Lol sox I lived on the high desert. for a lil bit of my life. And as an ex street racer (plz no complaining, im not being a bragger)....you learn emissions laws fast and who can provide illegal smogs. A few more pics. All pics of alero are before I got into a collision feb 2011. http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p61/mugenaccord86/Project%20Alero%20GT/IMAG0099.jpg http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p61/mugenaccord86/Project%20Alero%20GT/IMAG0100.jpg And a couple of the wife's car 2000 mitsubishi eclipse rs w/ 2.4L sohc4cyl 5speed manual trans. My 03 eclipse on fm4 is based off this car http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p61/mugenaccord86/Project%20Eclips.e%20RS/l_3dc0014e65924d2eadf57dfb4ad653fc.jpg http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p61/mugenaccord86/Project%20Eclipse%20RS/l_63de832d67ce4866b37985a328052b3a.jpg And thank killa
  11. Cali law states is that new vehicles do not have to be smogged for the first 5 years. Ive got two cars to represent My baby.... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL2 http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p61/mugenaccord86/Project%20Alero%20GT/2001AleroFront.jpg http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p61/mugenaccord86/Project%20Alero%20GT/2001AleroRear.jpg Ill post the other one later
  12. Sorry for offtopicness..... Trust me clarence.... It scares me to ..lol ive seen em that big when I lived in the cali desert. I swear you see health bars above em
  13. A man can change the world with a bullet in the right place...
  14. Pretty good. Holy hell talk about not a good year for ya. Well at least all is gettin better for ya. Yea life has been busy too for myself.... Im a father n my son is gonna be 15 months old. Bit life is ok tho
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