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  1. I really hope that @The 12oach has saved enough to buy his car by now. I mean, 15 years of savings... Lol
  2. That, i think we all know. Lol And it is fine, priorities, life, etc... I, but i think i can say we understand. The day you do come back to it, will be glorious though.
  3. Yeah, most likely a long hiatus. But you never know, it is only dead when Zoqqer says it so.
  4. Download a regular TDU game, install it by mounting a .iso file. Run the setup.exe. Run the game. Everything works? If yes, download platinum v1.0. copy and paste the files, replacing existing ones. Remove any compatibility mode the .exes might have in your system. Everything works? (Main menu says v0.03) If yes, do the same process, but with v1.21. As mentioned, you don't need 1.66, nor 2.00. as Platinum, make sure you remove any compatibility mode the .exes might have, also, run it as admin and make sure you have d3d9.dll (provided by tdu platinum) inside your root folder. Fx tweak OFF. That feature was made for vanilla TDU, not Platinum. It overhauls any graphic changes Platinum does. Use the 4gb executables. They are the standard .exes provided in v1.21
  5. Sure, but are you running it below or above 60fps? V-sync just makes the game match your screen settings, if you have a good enough computer, to run it above 144fps, with a 144hz monitor, v-sync will make it match the monitor hz.
  6. Hey Milli I just installed a fresh TDU with only Platinum 1.0. Then most dealer cars were invisible. Then I patched to 1.21. Same problem. What's wrong and how do I fix it?

    1. TtTOtW


      @Djey can you perhaps help?

    2. Djey


      Enable big bnks flag in project paradise launcher. Otherwise platinum is not correctly installed.

  7. Unlikely. You might experience traffic glitch. TDU is old, and was not made to run above 60fps. Lol. For some reason.
  8. Make sure you have d3d9.dll in the game folder. Also, run the game via Project Paradise launcher.
  9. Make sure that Project Paradise is working. d3d9.dll must be inside your TDU folder. And in the main menu, ot should say 0.03a instead of 1.66a
  10. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. No, it is intentional, as i need to open up a slot in the tuner shop before i add SSC there. Everything is kinda provisional at the moment, and these dealer updates are just a form to allow players to follow closely the progress i make through the game. -> ATTENTION <- I forgot to add this file to the update. Please download and replace it at Test Drive Unlimited->Euro->Bnk folder. Without it, the Series 1 without stripes won't work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lol Bnk1.map
  12. View File -> TDU Platinum Dealer Updates <- 01 - US Independents Dealership Update Good news! I've been thinking about this for a while, and i finally decided to do it so. Everyone knows that Platinum 2.0 is under development, at a really not desired pace, but moving nonetheless, also, what not everyone knows is my progress schedule. I am working a dealer at a time, so i decided, why not release small updates once i finish these dealers? This way, you guys not only will be able to follow my progress closely, how will also be able to enjoy new things without massive waiting times. Although, not everything is good, and there are compromises. One of them is, these updates are not cumulative and not single picked downloads, if you skip one, the next one might cause bugs and crash your game, so, download all of them and keep yourself up to date! I mean, if you haven't downloaded and installed update 01, the following update (02), won't work. You will need to download 01, and 02, install both. Another compromise, if you edit the database of the game, your personal changes will not be carried over. Now, keeping that in mind, download it and have fun. -> How to install <- Just replace the files in the according folders. -> 01 - US Independents Update Content <- - Updated Shelby Series 1 with stripeless variation added as a tune - Updated Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition with fixed gauges and new tailight texture - Updated SSC Ultimate Aero with fixed shadows, new tailight texture, paintable interior and GPS screen Submitter Milli Submitted 10/23/2022 Category Tools / Others  
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