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  1. Have you made sure it is working on your computer?
  2. Read what it says, in the first post, under the "Important Notice" banner. Lol
  3. First race issue is easy and known fix. Just copy the folder "ige" inside the Euro/bnk folder. TDU Platinum files already have them. About the ENB, it doesn't matter, it's not really necessary as i enhanced the graphics the hard way, by editing weather files, fx files and textures. Lol
  4. That actually doesn't work. To make it work you must sacrifice the online feature, as both of them use the d3d9.dll. I did a testing and forgot to remove it. Sorry. Lol
  5. Ah i see what you mean. Well, i actually used the brush tool in photoshop, so, i painted it from 0, basically, instead of change the color channels. Gives you a lot more freedom for transitions and color possibilities. And thanks! I am really glad that you guys are enjoying it so far.
  6. Nah, if you replace it all, it should run it all already, that was my goal, the only step necessary before the install of Platinum, is the install of TDU. Because with UCP, i noticed that a lot of people had a real hard time with the steps it required. So i tried to simplify. I almost uploaded the whole game, but Diablo told me that could generate a legal problem, so, i uploaded almost all of it, in order to still require a TDU install.
  7. That's necessary for Project Paradise. If you already have it all working, it's not necessary. Remember, i tried to make it as easy as possible for people to install, without require the install of patch 1.68b, install of Project Paradise, install of this, of that. It has all included, so, might there be redundant files for those who were running UCP and Project Paradise already. Lol
  8. Yes and no. The game executable is a no-cd launcher that i have. I decided to send together, because it seemed to fix some issues that people had in UCP. And the folder Euro/Radio has the new songs for the radio stations.
  9. That's great to hear, as i did 0 testing on a keyboard, all the physics have been developed using my DS3 controller, so, i'd say it is much more complete if you can modulate your throttle and steering input. And the domes are not much of a big deal, photoshop, and .dds files, in the ARGB8888 format, if i am not wrong. With no mipmaps. By the way, the issues with the sky is in Platinum, or your own personal project?
  10. Do you realize that "new physics" is basically each individual car, right? So, no way to "bring back the old one", only by uninstalling it. Lol
  11. It contains. All you need is a TDU install.
  12. Try to create, just create the profile, before you add Platinum files and see if it works. Edit: Also, remember to start the game from the Project Paradise launcher, and not from the regular TestDriveUnlimited.exe
  13. Did you installed TDU before trying to run TDU Platinum?
  14. I did. But the main issue is the database REF number. And that is the same still.
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