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  1. I've tested that Saleen, and it has an issue where the side mirrors flick and may disappear. First, open ports is basically a must, if you want to have a better connection in TDU. To open port, it may change from router to router. You gotta google and search how to do in your own. Search for port forward and the name of your modem/router. Once you've done that, keep in mind that TDU takes a while to stablish a connection with players, sometimes more or less time, depending on many different aspects. It's an old game, in an unnoficial server, so, patience is key. Yes, Platinum has Megapack included. You don't need it, as it says the only requirement is a legal copy of TDU and nothing else. Install a VPN, create your new profile, complete the first tasks (rent, buy house, buy car, win first race, get back to house), then save, and you can unninstall the VPN. Some races have cars from a class above than yours. But such races also have a higher prize. It's a Seat Ibiza Cupra, and according to Seat brochures, it has a 7-speed DSG gearbox. The 300km/h top speed is not real, as it is explained on the FAQ section, in the first post. In order to make TDU simulate a real gearbox, you must set the "top speed" as the theorical max speed the last gear could achieve if it had enough power to do so. That doesn't mean the Ibiza, which is an F class car, can do 300km/h in stock form. You should follow his video on installation too. If you're stuck in connecting to the server, use VPN, as i replied the guy above. Just replied. lol You're using the "Multiple Prize Car" extra DB.bnk. TDU locks prize cars to be bought just once. To make them being able to be bought more than once, you have that side effect. Tour of the Island gives you the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantique. I recommend to use the Multiple Prize Car only when you've completed the whole game.
  2. Brands can be added, the issue is, new brands won't access tuning shops.
  3. Thanks Zoqqer! I will take a look at it. At the moment Platinum is using old Minime's E46, which is good for its age. Although that might take a while, as i'm currently working on something else for TDU.
  4. Wow. Nice work, and i've never seen a high poly 3D of that car. Where did you got it?
  5. It is under development. But no date to be released.
  6. TDU doesn't work well with really high fps. You get that shifting issue and also traffic issues. It is an old game, and it works fine with 60fps. Vsync cap your fps to not be higher than 60fps, to keep it playable. So yes, you can not have it off.
  7. Use the 4gb executables. It is a must. It will be a standard update for update 1.13. The original TDU.exe had the bottleneck of 1gb of ram usage, but unfortunately, some mods require more, and that's what is causing the fps drop. It is the original tdu.exe limit. With the 4gb executables, that cap is raised to 4gb of ram. And you don't need HD FX tweak at the paradise launcher, that was a feature for normal TDU, for Platinum, you better leave it Off, as i managed to get the same effect, working in the weather, and it even saved some fps on my laptop.
  8. Hello From Algeria Pleass I Want Mod Golf 7 Pleass Help me 

  9. Yes, install the update correctly. You probably haven't put all the files. Re-download the update, and install it.
  10. You have updated to 1.12? And try to pick a 911 from same generation of 911 GT2 RS, which is a (991.2).
  11. What is this? iS zOqQUer BAcK? Lol Nice work man.
  12. Your profile is from the main game? Or you've only experienced this issue as soon as you installed Platinum mod? @PYTERODACTYL
  13. Well, olders ones doesn't... but the mods we're getting now... modders don't really care about making them light at all. Lol And the Golf 7 R, which is a Rulezzz one, might require it.
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