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  1. TDU Platinum is a mod. Not a full game. You need the game first, it says in the first page, first post of this thread.
  2. Sadly a lot yet. I've been extremelly busy lately, almost zero free time, and when i get free time, i'm tired to work on the game and i end up passing out. lol But it will happen, i promise. Use a VPN to complete the first server login. Or try to make an offline profile to test.
  3. That's exactly what i tried to do. But the problem i found is that bots simply can't handle well. They start to mess up the corners, and go straight into the bushes. Plus, each bot has their own "skill". Set every bot at maximum "skill" breaks the game. I want many things aswell, but sadly, some things are beyond our capabilities. The best way to make TDU hard is to use underpowered vehicles for the events, in hardcore mode.
  4. TDU Reshade mod works in windowed mode. And it works with online aswell. Take a look at it.
  5. I haven't. I kept it lalalala to get the structure done. But hadn't much time to write it down. As Djey mentioned, adding a new slot can be tricky, and just text might not be enough. So a proper tutorial has to be made, since it takes more than 2 hours to add 1 car when you have a lot of practice doing it.
  6. It does. But he is either without big bnk activated or messed up in the installation of the original game. For the online profile, use a vpn just to get the first time connection.
  7. Z1000 is, and always was, alongside with the Mv Agusta Brutale, the best mB bike. In original TDU and in Platinum. Also, always remember to lean your character forward when racing bikes, so you get a better aerodynamic, making it go faster.
  8. https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/windows/application-error-0xc000007b-3613164/ A bit of google would help. That error is in your computer, probably DirectX related. Not game, or mod issue.
  9. If you have a doubt, always check with @MagicV8 first. Dude has an impressive collection of TDU mods.
  10. Gallardos went wheel shopping and they have different sounds. Tried to remove the earbleeding loud sounds they had.
  11. Well, new cars, "new races", new music, overhauled cars, like Astons have new rims, new sounds... It is more down to detail polishing. As i said in Discord, it feels like a DLC. Lol
  12. Just a small showcase of what expect from TDU Platinum v2.0.
  13. Guys, progress is happening, at slow pace, since i have even less free time, but TDU Platinum v2.0 (a.k.a former update 1.13 that grew enough to be called v2.0) is happening.
  14. No, because that's how the cars are actually geared in real life. It's not something you active-deactive.
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