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  1. I have no idea. Try the torrent though. By the way, v1.07 of the update is out, and it brings many things, actually. - Fixed rarity of Audi Quattro Sport. - Fixed engine type of BMW M4 F82. - Fixed and replaced some car sounds. - Reworked dealership lighting. - Re-ordered the days, so fog weather won't be displayed so often when you start the game.
  2. Why did you replace the database?
  3. You asked why you couldn't see the vehicles in the Platinum thread, which i told you that was an issue with bigbnk not being activated. You then proceeded and told me, via PM, that you have it activated. I told you to check if Project Paradise is working at all. You apparently didn't get that, and couldn't wait to get a reply, and sent me another one, demanding a reply, like that's my duty. I told you to re-download Project Paradise and re-install it, read the READ ME files that comes with it and said that yes, i can't read it for you. Which is a fact. Then here, you comfirmed that you deleted d3d9.dll, and that's why, exactly why you couldn't see the vehicles. Because your Project Paradise is not working, therefore, bigbnk is not working aswell. So no, without d3d9.dll your bigbnk is NOT enabled, because it is NOT working at all. What you want, is someone to tell you what to do. Because i really doubt you've read all the 96 pages of this thread. But here we go again. Reinstall a TDU Copy. Copy the files of TDU Platinum over the game folder. Download Project Paradise, copy the files inside the Test Drive Unlimited folder. Run Project Paradise Laucher.exe as admin, make sure to select your TestDriveUnlimited.exe in the launcher, mark check on bigbnk. P.S. Make sure you are NOT running these .exes files with ANY compability mode. Edit: And note that you could have made a post here all along and get help from different people, from the whole forum at any timezone, instead of send me a PM, and get only a reply from me, when i actually can. But yeah, i am rude. I can live with that.
  4. Must wait it to be available with it. That happens to every classic car in TDU. their configuration when available is generated randomly. Lol
  5. I wonder why this happens at all. I never had such issue, and saw videos and streams where people also doesn't have it.
  6. Reinstall the game following the video in the first page. Huracan Performante is added already. And you will provide the 3D model for these vehicles, such as 600LT, upgrades for R35, drag S2000? No, i won't add any cars anymore. As Balathruin said: That's what i like to call 2-step tuning. And the other difference is that the Re-Amemiya kit may not have a bodykit (Nobody has ever modeled them), they have a 20B engine swap. Which can be heard at idle.
  7. You'll need zmodeler, i suppose. Since they seem to be a "material" file, forgot it's extension, but i know that ever TDU car has a similar file inside them.
  8. Close TDUF, delete the json-cache folder, re-open TDUF. And let it load.
  9. Can't check at the moment, sorry.
  10. Try to replace the IGE folder again, if it doesn't work, i don't know then.
  11. Bots in TDU work in a misterious way, i don't know exactly why they seem to crash, but yeah, change a few classes seem to break it. Swinsuit never worked in TDU. They are accessible since patch 1.68b. Some old mods, like the S2000 (Mostly Tool831's), have glitched shadows, and there is nothing i can do about it.
  12. I beg to differ. As you can see in this video, it understeers quite easily if you really push it.
  13. Yes and no. Depends on which mode are you playing. The Transit handling was made in Hardcore mode, and i know that in normal mode they are just horrible. On hardcore mode, yes, bodyroll can cause understeer, as you put exessive load on the front tires, making them lose grip. And grip is not the strongest for the Transit. You can buy the Esprit just fine. Just bought it. The position shouldn't matter. Unless you changed the bitfield of the dealer, making some slots unavailable.
  14. Because car classes are defined for more than just final speed. Handling and acceleration are also considered.
  15. To make it have a stiffer suspension and 5-speed gearbox, i would need to create another entry in the database. But that is not really how TDU tuning works, they work with % upgrades of the "base" car, unless you change the base car, by making it use another database entry. That means even though they look the same, there will be 2 entries in the database for it. So if you edit the stock one, you will need to edit the other one aswell.
  16. Yes, i have it. There is a way to find, as @Tob-Racer mentioned aswell, and there is the third way, which is you guys organize yourselves to make a list. Can it be here in the forums, on this thread or on another thread. Nothing is stopping you guys to actually make one. lol
  17. Problem with Project Paradise. I have no clue why it happens and how to fix it.
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