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  1. I think, this car needs to lower suspension. On the other hand a very high quality mod. thanks star
  2. It was a tough choice for me.. anyway here's my list 1. TDU(PC) 2. Tomb Raider - almost all series - (Play Station) 3. NFS Porche Unleashed(Play Station) 4. NBA 2k14(Xbox 360) 5. FIFA 14(PC) 6. POP Warrior Within(PC) 7. Vampire:The Masquerade Bloodlines(PC) 8. Obscure(PC) 9. TDU 2(PC) 10. Castlevania Lords of Shadow(Xbox360) 11. Euro Truck Simulator 2(PC) 12. Sims 2(PC)
  3. good choice i like it. i found two small bug; 1st: tail lights [ATTACH]20879[/ATTACH] 2nd: front window looks like a broken [ATTACH]20880[/ATTACH]
  4. :bananahello: nice cars everyone here is the my car; [ATTACH]20570[/ATTACH] 7.2lt/100km ;)
  5. finally not a supercar mod :)
  6. im really fan of the jags and i loved your mod but you're need work on the headlights and taillights. interior quality could be little better. for example more realistic materials *this is my opinion. i think you've become a very good modder in the future. thank u for this mod.
  7. can anyone make this car? [ATTACH]20510[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20511[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20512[/ATTACH]
  8. I didnt understand when I first read,now i figured out. thank you TDUZoqqer
  9. i also used version 2.2.6 but nothing changed
  10. when i import a .obj file its look like a broken and zmodeller wont give me any option of the 3d object. its look like this; [ATTACH]20501[/ATTACH] what did i wrong ?
  11. thank you starGt when bugs are gone,this mod will be perfect
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