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  1. I just found a quite old track pack by 2CVSUPERGT (and Djey?) on my hdd. 
    I don't know, if it would still work, but guess not.

    The races are:

    • Hokuto no Michi over T024
    • [email protected] over Descent of the Dos Reis
    • [email protected] over Mastery
    • Nanto no Michi over Seaside slalom
    • [email protected] over Champion Class
    • Speedway over Ride in Mokapu peninsula
    • West Coast Ride over Not Quite There Yet
    • Oahu Grand Tour over King of Orientation
    • Highway's Slalom over Descent of the Poncet
    • The Stadium Rotary over RACE01
    • The Lost Dogs over Aston martin time attack

    If allowed I could upload.

  2. I got Millis Platinum installed and of course I use Djeys TDUF Database Editor. 👍

    I think, it's not only with me, but when I use the vehicle dropdown list in TDUF DE, brands are kinda unsorted with me.



    So I decided to create a sortable table of that list at my website to find vehicles slots "faster". 😎
    Feel free to use it, if it's helpful for you. Consider to wait very few seconds for sorting, because there are 1100+ entries.

    If you find any mistakes, please drop me a line, thank you. 😀



  3. On 9/20/2019 at 5:00 AM, TestDriveVet12345 said:

    1) So the mod we use to play in Multiplayer is what I've come to understand as Project Paradise? Are there any other mods I need to know about or is that the base one? My goal here is to enter the MP of TDU as it's the closest thing I can obtain right now to TDU2's.

    2) So, there was mention in another video about Gamespy. I did extensive research on this and found that Gamespy is no longer a thing. Is it true that a Gamespy ID is required to get PROJECT PARADISE to work? Is there any other way to do this or am I, as they say, S.O.L?

    3) Same as question #2 but in regards to a legitimate copy of TDU. You probably don't condone pirating, but I'm guessing a version off of some download site wouldn't work properly? If that's the case, I will try to find a legitimate method of obtaining a copy.

    4) Is there a way to swap vehicles in your garage with others? In other words, if I want to change Car A into Car B, is there a tool to do that? I'm not looking for a client side method here. I want other players to be able to see the vehicle, aka, whatever the police cars are in this game. You can just provide a link if it's easier.

    5)  How can you change the character's clothing via modding? Same as with question #4 but for the player. Back on TDU2, there was a way to do this for the PC version to get the Oahu Police Outfit. Again, you can just leave links to answer the question.

    6) Is TDU Platinum needed?

    7) If I only manage to install Project Paradise but other players have custom mods, will they show in my game properly? Aka, if I only have the base mods, will others who have more advanced setups see me properly as well as me for them or will they be dummy car models or something else?

    😎 If you have anything else you'd like to leave me with, I'm all ears.

    TDU 1

    1)  Only with Project Paradise mod you can enter the community server to play online.
    2) Gamespy is dead, you don't need an ID for installing / going online with Project Paradise
    3) You should not use a pirate version. Actually I cannot answer if it is a problem when 2 copies with same Key are online the same time, I guess not. But you can still get legal version at Ebay / Amazon
    4) No, there is no tool to change cars, you have to do manually. Then your new car runs with the specs of the replaced car. With TDUF by Djey you can swap the complete / partially physics of a car. Sometimes there are problems with rim dimension, for example. If you are lucky you can fix that, or you have to swap the mod with another car.
    If you swap a car, other players cannot not see your "new" car. What they see is the car, they have on that slot. Or they have the exactly same "new" car like yours on the same slot.
    5) I think Milli knowns something here. 😉
    6) You don't need TDU Platinum to play online. But if you don't have it installed and mostly all others have, you will see tons of dummy cars, cars you don't have installed (because there were so many changes made by Milli with the database e.g.). 
    7) You and all others only see what themselves have installed / swapped.

    Someone correct me, if I am wrong somewhere. 😎

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