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  1. its good to see this when i check here after so many months :) nice pack :) downloading it right now :lol: it would be a perfect pack if it had some porsche 356 in it :lol: also for some reason i cannot see any pics you put in the thread :confused:
  2. lol you can even use a 3 year older version of your online savegame. it reads it from your pc so no problem. thats how i restored my save last year between two reinstalls :D
  3. i tried with i , ı , İ , I and nothing happened. then repacked bnk1.map doing by one folder at a time and nothing happened. and then i switched the files around tt and crx (it was supposed to replace tt) and switched around filenames too in the database (making TT_Cpe_QS CRX_DS and vice versa)(CRX_DS is the name i gave to its files). then crx was fixed but tt was corrupted now.. i dont know whats going on... even tried to change the names in CRX_DS_I.bnk (A6_S6_I.* into SLK_55_I.* and then changing the 2 instances of A6_S6_I into SLK_55_I in the file named SLK_55_I.3DD) (files were named SLK_55.* in the file named CRX_DS.bnk) :D :D edit: the bugged interior looks like the one that default car has (the thing that looks like a pontiac gto with weird head/taillights and has absurd performance) i think game isnt finding the needed interior file when the name changes.. WTF??!! :D :D
  4. what? really? :( downloaded from here btw: Released [email protected]_$HOTGUN: 1995 Honda CRX Del Sol Ver 2.0 Final | turboduck forum
  5. yeah im having a similar issue too as seen here [ATTACH]23804[/ATTACH] edit: im trying to add a new car following the steps here: MEGA Tutorial: add new cars (Slots) in TDU | turboduck forum
  6. exactly did that: same... [ATTACH]23798[/ATTACH] edit: solved!! :nods::nods: if you having a problem like this, just download tduf 0.6.1 there was a bug in 0.6.0 edit 2: help me :confused::confused:
  7. can anybody help me? im stuck at the tduf step. i have tduf 0.6 and when i do MappingTool list-missing --bnkDir "C:\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk" it gives this: [ATTACH]23791[/ATTACH] i first did this in winxp and it gave me the same error. i reinstalled my java million times and it did nothing. then i switched to win7(i have a dualboot pc), installed the game there too and the same. reinstalled java million times here too - did nothing. it still gives the same error. what can i do? edit: i have java 8u45 in xp and 8u45 and 8u45 64 bit on win7.
  8. yeah just like that. just like the other non-limited stock cars in the game :D i couldnt make it like that. (these tools werent around at the time i tried that.) it stays within the tuning speed limits when i edit speed. like 278, 296, 325, 347 and so on.. is it still the case within these tools?
  9. ohh so you was talking about that broken green lancias that have crazy wheels and doesnt go over 50... :D :D also how can i solve this problem: lets say a car has that annoying 255 kph limiter. and the car maxes about 308-314 irl when delimited. so i hex edit its speed to 310. and the car goes all the way up to 328. how can i make it go 315? edit: also i was talking about that brake-modded physics.cpr file.. :D
  10. omg does it disable 252kph (or 155mph) speed limiters?
  11. it should be like at least 2.5x less the consumption. and over 3x for some cars. (example: a6 4.2) it nearly drained the tank from the start to the end of the south autobahn (or highway :D ) going like average 170 kph. yes, it drinks the fuel, but it has a very large tank too. :D it should drain that amount in 3 passes.
  12. is the fix for map crashes released? because i want to buy a new car and my game crashes like hell :D good patch btw. hope trading will be available s**n :D edit: if its serversided, then it should be able to change. only question is how :D
  13. yeah it would make great rivalry with supra and skyline :D and throw nsx into the mix... epic win :D also a7 needs an ek9 or a dc2 and a6 needs a s2k.. dont forget the ae86 too! (for c4) :D of course you should add what you want these are just some quick ideas from me :D in case you need some :D
  14. thank you :D unfortunately my poor 9600 gt cant take 8xAA but im gonna try fxaa. thanks again! :D
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