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  1. I'm also on the team, just FYI
  2. @binbow I remember the Viper being 6 or 7, but I think I'm mistaken. Having pulled the viper up in a hex editor, it look as if the Viper only goes up to 5. Something to look out for I guess...
  3. Hey, I just got back into TDU2 modding and was wondering, some xmbs have up to Engine(Un)Load_6 or even 7 (rarely)... do you mind either releasing the source (probably not going to happen) or updating the tool? I just did this with a hex editor for EngineLoad_5, and EngineUnload_4 and EngineUnload_5.
  4. Thank you for the help. How would I find these values in the other XMB files?
  5. I have a few questions about the intermediate and advanced aspects of sound mods. I know how to find and make constant samples, but I'm having trouble with the transitions. I have matched the pitch ratio of the original sound files, but I get the dual engine sound issue. I know the r8 v10 bnk is easiest, but is also least versatile. I'm trying to use the GT bnk with which I have the issue. I think that by hex editing the xmb file I can change this and make it easier on me. Problem is I don't know where I can find the RPM values. It seems to be guess and check. Help would be kindly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, i don't think this sound mod is very accurate due to it being taken from a 20v inline 5 instead of a 8v, but this is as close as i can get. The other TT RS sound mods are down so i decided to have a crack at it. If you have more accurate samples let me know. Now, i forgot how i shot my earlier videos, so if one of you can help that would be nice. LINK: TT_RS_Cab_high
  7. Here are my sound mods. Dodge Charger 1969 Sound Mod Topic: Released 1969 Dodge Charger Sound Mod | turboduck forum Download: Dodge Charger 1969 Sound Mod - MediaFire Video: Dodge Charger SRT8 Sound Mod Topic: Released Dodge Charger SRT8 Sound Mod | turboduck forum Download: Dodge Charger SRT8 Sound Mod - MediaFire Video:
  8. Ok, i will try. How difficult is it to convert to TDU2 compared to NFS Most Wanted, or TrackMania 2? I have converted to both and would like to know if tdu2 is easier or harder. I saw a thread with Video tutorials. EDIT: Sarcasm detected in second post. I will still try it, because i have experience with model converting.
  9. Is there any more progress? If the tool is taking so long, why can't we just have a .BNK now, then finish the tool later?
  10. Hello! I would like for someone to convert the 2012 SRT Charger from Forza Horizon. Please replace that ugly excuse of a Charger that comes with the default game. Will someone actually fulfill this request instead of just passing over it like everyone else does? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Jeez, StarGT wants $30 for a simple mod, what's up with that?
  11. Here is my second sound mod. This time it's a Charger SRT8. charger_srt8_high Tell me what you think.
  12. Hello! My first sound mod. A 1969 Dodge Charger Sound Mod. I used a method that i think increases the detail and aggressiveness of the sound. Download: Dodge Charger 1969 Sound Mod
  13. I'm not saying that, i'm just saying if you want to make them more aggressive and louder. The distortion introduced with my method makes more details, in my opinion. But the sounds in my game are extremely quiet. (possibly because of the XMB, i set both values for all the engine samples to 2.00, not tested). The sounds themselves are quite good. It's just that they lack volume. For my personal use i have adjusted pitches and did some editing (also with my method used and some randomization of the lower sounds).
  14. Your sounds are way too quiet. I've looked inside the .BNK files but i have no idea what it causing it. I have looked at the samples and they are usually way too long (imo) which jacks up file sizes, considering they're huge uncompressed .WAV files. If you can find such constant samples, why can't you reduce the length? I've also noticed the samples don't have very much volume when played back on the computer, but not nearly as quiet as they are in-game. For some reason your samples have a sort of phaser effect. Here's a trick in Audacity to give the samples more aggressiveness: Start with splitting the stereo track in two. If both tracks are EXACTLY the same, do a CTRL+A and do a mix and render. If the stereo tracks are different, pick one that you like or with the least looping artifacts, Use a hard limiter of -3.0 dB. Amplify it by 3.0 dB. Apply the heaviest leveler, and then use a hard limiter of -3.0 dB. Amplify it by 3.0 dB. If you have any silence select the silence and hit DEL. Do a CTRL+A and select zero crossings. Press the crop button. Then time shift the sample forward, then to the start again. I like to change the sample (pitch/tempo/speed) BEFORE doing this trick.
  15. I understand now. Thanks for clearing that up.
  16. https : / / www . lfsforum . net / showthread . php?t=38209 (remove spaces) Did you get permission to post this here? If not, than this is stolen. [ATTACH]19146[/ATTACH] File comparison of the two zips posted. As you can see, the read me file is removed, and files are EXACTLY the same. The date in the original topic is 31st January 2008, 02:10.
  17. Can you please fix the broken link? Thank you.
  18. Can you please re upload? The link is broken.
  19. Broken link, can you please re upload?
  20. Better explanation in first post. EDIT: Problem solved, see first post for solution.
  21. Hello! There's been something about trying to make sound mods for certain cars that is really starting to tick me off. The current one i'm working on is the AC Cobra 427. It sounds nothing like the loops i used. The sound sounds like it uses one loop, pitched up. It doesn't use the aggressive onhigh sound, instead it seems very dull and synthetic, like using the onidle or onlow sound to create the whole sound while pitching it up. The idle sounds normal, but everything else is screwed up. I can record what happens to an audio file if needed. Will someone please help me? Thanks in advance. EDIT: FIXED! Solution: Make ST_fordgt_onhigh.wav & ST_stratos _onhigh.wav (yes, there is a space) silent. Now it sounds much better.
  22. I figured it would just be easier to get to where i was on another profile. I am now close to the original; profile's progress. Thanks for trying to help though.
  23. Sorry for bumping, but it turns out the file is an HTML file, and i looked inside it and there was a link. First it gave me an error, then the download restarted. Here's the link: Porsche Carrera GT Sound Mod
  24. I tried changing it offline, and that didn't work. Then i tried doing the thing you said, only problem is that there is no ! file. I think the profile name is stored inside, encrypted in one or more of the save files. I tried using a RAM editor, i tried using the dreaded Cheat Engine (i hate it too, it's just i wanted to try to change the name with it) to change the profile name, renaming the folder and changing ProfileList.dat with a hex editor, making a new profile, then replacing it with my old save files. If you have any more solutions let me know.
  25. There's only one problem. "Bryan" is taken, so i need to use "BryanHernandez" and in order to do that, i need to change my nickname... which "corrupts" my savegame.
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