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  1. megapack absolutely cooks tdu. Yes, if you install it as directed the game launches and you can drive out of your garage, but the rest of the game is broken. open the map and hover the mouse over a race, it shows no info like class etc, just says "loading". click on the race, nothing happens. drive to the race and try enter from the road, the race doesn't start. in passenger challenges, instead of your car starting on the road where you picked the person up, the car starts stuck in a random place off the road and you fail the challenge ... i'm sure there's much much more wrong but not being able to race is a good enough reason to stop playing. Most people here just want tdu to be a good game, at this point I don't care anymore I give up, i've got an m3 and an s1000r waiting outside, but for everyone else's sake let's hope tdusc is good enough so people can just play it and move on from having to waste time making mods. playing games is already a questionable use of time
  2. my laptop's 2gb 960m will need to be enough to run it. if it ain't, too bad. i'm not wasting any more money on computers
  3. Can you make one of those hell over-the-top ones with cars and girls really poorly cropped in? "TUD3 conformed :))"
  4. If it's not open world it's not TDU. It would be a different game entirely
  5. If anyone is still playing TDU2 and would like to make camhack work, you must use version 1.2. 1.3 does not work. 1.2 tested on Windows 10, TDU2 unpacked, camhack files in unpacked folder with uplauncher - working as of 11/05/2020. I downloaded it from this super sketchy link that StarGT posted on page 8 or 9: https://depositfiles.com/files/nxg5qjuxm I really do get scared when visiting those sort of download sites. it's like walking through a really dodgy street Hopefully this helps, I just spent a good few hours straight trying to make camhack work. *Edit* 1.2 unfortunately does not have FOV adjustment. sad face While we're on the topic of reverse engineering abandon-ware, here's a taste of what we all missed out on thanks to atari:
  6. Hi everyone, I've been :eek: at this picture for the past month. It's what looks to be a completed model of the Ducati 848 being viewed inside the dealership. It even shows a basic user interface. I wonder if it was fully functional with sound too! [ATTACH]30795[/ATTACH] I found this picture floating around on the net ... it's like i'm the only one who even acknowledges it Outside the dealership in the final release, you can see a basic model of the 848 parked inside. [ATTACH]30796[/ATTACH] In the final release, there's a picture of the character sitting on a Triumph Speed Triple outside the dealership that previews when hovering over the dealership in the map view. [ATTACH]30798[/ATTACH] After TDU2 had been released, one of the developers shared some of their work on the game: [ATTACH]30802[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30803[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30804[/ATTACH] If you open TDU2 with that handling editor (I forget the name), you can see entries for MV Agusta, Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph and even Suzuki / Yamaha from memory. These entries list a variety of bikes (Not to mention cut cars like the BMW M3), all including their own complete handling lines and game information. This data shows handling / physics, naming / categorizing, value, applicable race categories ... More importantly, it show exactly what they cut from the game. Models ... images ... handling data ... and we're not talking concepts here. We're talking, detailed models, completed handling data and actual interaction with said vehicles. Does anyone have anything to share about all this? It upsets me that they came so far only to discard such promising content. Imagine TDU with a bit of this: [ATTACH]30800[/ATTACH] Or a bit of that: [ATTACH]30801[/ATTACH] I guess we can't really blame Eden. After all, this game was being made as the company went under. I just wish they threw the content in the game instead of throwing it all in the bin. Went to the motorcycle dealership in Oahu [ATTACH]30799[/ATTACH] ... aaand it's gone.
  7. Here's my E36 (I said i'd eventually post a full picture of it). [ATTACH]26859[/ATTACH]
  8. Thanks. I'll have another look, but when I changed the values of that parameter there was no difference in game. Maybe the values need to be more aggressive. I've been comparing the values of that parameter between cars and the ZX10R and it makes logical sense, it's just that when I modify the values, there is no change in game. I'll keep searching if it doesn't work. By the way, good on you for being so prompt. You've persistently responded to all questions in this thread. Keep it up! We need more modders like you --- Post Updated --- There was also something else I found with your mod. You see, your mod gives us access to all the vehicles in the game. Released and unreleased... I found out quite a lot. I found out about all the vehicles that were meant to be in the game.... Motorcycles in particular. Off the top of my head, these are a handful that I found (I never knew of them until now): - Kawasaki KX 450f (Dirt bike!!!) - Kawasaki KX 450R(motard/urban) - Kawasaki ZX12 Vulcan - MV Agusta F4 Tamburini (Omg) - MV Agusta F4 RR - Ducati Monster S2R (!!!) - Ducati Hypermotard - Ducati 848 Evo (several low quality versions of this bike can be seen inside the bike dealership from the outside (See for yourself)) - Triumph Street Triple R (this bike is present in the logo for the motorcycle dealership in the map) As well as a row of unimaginable cars that leave you wondering what the hell possessed Eden to not finish the game (especially without any real explanation of what they did with these left out files). TDU2 could have been so much different. They were so close! At this point, I'd be happy for them to just dump the rest of the files in with the game. At least then we'd have something to work with. But for them to just chop the lot? It remains a mystery...
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