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  1. Where do i change that? in TDUMT? Where you add a new interior color or what?
  2. I've figured out how to change exterior and interior colors of the car. Only thing that absolutely sucks that you cannot repaint VW W12's Interior. Probably Dev's made it permanent blue. That sucks
  3. Hi there! Yeah i tried to give my VW W12 a second color called *Ruby Red Metallic* and i saved it, but when i went to the dealer ship and actually get it, the color is actually black, so i thought that Ruby Red Metallic is a really dark red. So then i replaced the color with a casual green and i saved the color, went back to the dealership and sure enough, the color was black but the colors name was Green. Is there any way to find the problem? Maybe you know it? i only want to add 2 colors really, Ruby Red Metallic and Orange. Thats it. I even realised that the interior cannot be repainted at all no matter how. I think it's been made by Atari to keep it Blue. (Yellow and Blue is a horrible combination of colors). You may know the issue i'm having? Thank you anyway for help
  4. Hello Everyone! Can any experienced modder can do a repaintable Volkswagen W12 Syncro and Volkswagen W12 Roadster? Us, as in TDU players know that VW W12 and Roadster cannot be repainted (unless you take it to a paintjob shop that lets you respray any color you technically want) Since VW W12's are in 2 main colors; Red and Yellow, while interiors are Blue and Orange-ish. Anyone would be happy to get a car that you can repaint in 2-4 colors. Exterior and interior of course, If anyone can or does that everyone will be happy to cruise in a car with their desired color of choice.
  5. It's not that old. It's still a good daily driver, dunno whats the issue now. But yes i bought a modded A6, and i do not regret it
  6. when i bought the car it had a turbo soo..probably previous owner put the turbo in it?
  7. well ive changed lots of stuff to reach 435hp. Changed the turbos, new exhaust (as you can see in the pics), My friend tuned the ECU (not an electrical guru so i dunno how he did it, but i saw it he did it with the dyno and a computer). overall the turbos spools up fast and the sound is orgasmical
  8. Hello! Well this is mine! a 2007 3.2L Quattro Audi A6 with S6 exhaust conversion it has a 3.2L V6, doing proper 435HP, 7 speed automatic transmission Enjoy!
  9. ehm..yes i can't repaint back to it's original color (White/Blue)
  10. After using your mod *which works fantasticly* ive noticed i cannot repaint my MC12 which current color is Red/Red (the whole car is red) so no paintjob shops doesn't work. Do you know why?
  11. oh crap didn't knew thanks! Here's the file DB.bnk
  12. yeah sure! How can i contact you? a Gmail or a PM? here's mine; [email protected]
  13. my bad...when is it gonna be released? Late 2019?
  14. Who has a link to get a modified database to get reward cars?
  15. Where can i find the file in the TDU Platinum club? Is there a link for it?
  16. Sorry to ask this dumb question. Do you mind if you did this edit for us atleast? I really love VW W12 car in TDU but i can only have 2 which absolutely sucks. Can you?? PLEASE?! P.S Whats TDU UT Exactly?
  17. nah mate, everything is gone. You have to ask OG's to get them
  18. they're all gone. This site is dying anyway.
  19. Does anyone have this sound mod laying around on their PC? I know it's from TDU Central but the website is dead soo thats not good if you have it, share it! It's gonna help allot of people
  20. i simply don't understand how to install this. A video tutorial would be nice
  21. I'm making a sweet RB26DETT sound mod, and i got all the sounds. The issue i'm having is that when i put it in and start up my car, it gives me random pops and squeals in the sound. What is the perfect .WAV format for the sound? How do you make it sound clean and not glitchy? please this is urgent as ive been working on this really badly
  22. Nick1999

    PATCH 1.68B!

    thanks for the link, sorry i didn't knew it was already uploaded
  23. Nick1999

    PATCH 1.68B!

    Greetings once again! I have finally found Patch 1.68B for Test Drive Unlimited! Ive found it on some Russian site and ive decided that i should upload it here as many people need it for modding! TDU Community PATCH 1.68b.rar [ATTACH=full]32180[/ATTACH] Notes: - This patch is not compatible with TDU without Mega Car Pack - Everything to change the physics (made by various modifications, car manager, yourself or something else) must be installed again! Sorry for the inconvenience! - You can also repare your TDU installation of this patch, if you got a conflict in the database after installing mods that have the wrong settings for Making TDU crash. - Suzuki GSX-R K9 version 1.0 is not compatible with this hotfix. Features: - Unlock new traffic cars - Unlock the bike clothes for the car - Unlock the car clothes for bikes - Unlock custom coloring for the car that was locked - Open the store to customize the F40 (up to kit3 available) - Car names recorded (example: Enzo Ferrari became Ferrari Enzo, Edonis Edonis become B. Engineering Edonis ...) - Nismo 350Z Fixed drives - Special body cars (Nismo 3520Z, Saleen ST281, Alfa Romeo GT Technical Sport Kit, Benz SLK 55 performance pack) currently sold at the car dealer site - Nissan 350Z and Alfa Romeo GT (normal body) are now available for kit3 ( unchanged) - New logos for addon cars to nnym list of brands and model name are available for all languages - New traffic - Fixed brand error + logos - New car names - Exhaustive list of more than 130 logos from the real car manufacturer (You can see this logo 1.14 version of Tools for the TDule Module TDule) - Resource names update - New bots (rivals) offline mode / solo for all cars, you can now meet cars with Carmegapack (including new slots like the Atlantic Ocean Bugatti Type 57 SC or Facel Vega Facel II) - Garage / car sales distribution update - Added new traffic vehicles with Foodstuffs like trucks - Hood Nismo 350Z fixed (currently independent from Nissan 350Z) - Fixed cameras (Dodge Viper Convertible, Lamborghini Gallardo SE and coupe, and more) - Cameras update to the next step of the camera editing - New features automatic installation (safety and efficiency) - Ability to choose what you want to install (resources, 1.68, transport) on easy step control - Easy to remove. - The language remains unchanged. Installation instructions: Open the "Patch" folder, open the file "PATCH_1.68B.exe", select "browse", select the folder with the game and click "Next".
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