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  1. Yeah indeed. Despite i have few issues regarding of radio station files making the game crash. But Milli doesn't respond of FB or here so i might be stuck with the mod for a while.
  2. Hello! My current project this month since we're in Lockdown and can't go outside anymore. I've decided to make a more modern radio. Despite Milli did great work by herself but the music she provided isn't that great for cruising around Hawaii. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This radio itself will have "probably" custom radio names if i can make that work The genre's are Liquid Drum n Bass Jazz/LoFi Hip Hop/RnB House/Tech/Deep House I will make the tracks transition one by one so it can act like a real radio. Have a good one! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S IF YOU HAVE ANY SONG REQUEST PLEASE TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS Please don't ask for EDM or Commercial type House cause those tracks aren't even tasteful in my opinion. Bring me some classics from 90s, 00s and 2010s --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update #1 House/Tech/Deep House radio is working flawlessly and will continue adding more tracks into it. Update #2 Hip Hop/RnB radio is finished completely and works fantastic.
  3. yeah, noticed that in a few mins hahaha
  4. Hello! I tried to re-color one of the Bugatti Veyron's rims to a Dark Grey Colour. And when i successfully export it to .DDS file and i wanna convert it to .2DB file the TDUMT gives me an Error. I dunno what am i doing wrong. Does anyone of you OG Modders know what am i doing wrong? Any help will help me out! I added a pic so you can see whats my issue. Have a good one!
  5. depends on how long the creator will take. probs soon or this month.
  6. 1.13 is coming soon with fixes and probs new cars
  7. what blody format is xlsx?? what program does it use?
  8. ive been thinking how the hell you do that also!
  9. everyone has some issues with the mod. while i don't have any..overall a really great mod! Reinstalling my old Sound Mods back!
  10. then explain why people mod GTA San Andreas which is like 15 years old now?
  11. then whats the point of all modders leaving then?
  12. Hi there! Can anyone makes or has an GTR R34 either Left Hand Drive (LHD) or Right Hand Drive (RHD) with working functional MFD (Multi Function Display) display? If you don't know what i'm talking about here's the video It would be nice if you make the boost gauge act as an RPM gauge and Torque gauge acts as a speedo. For me or everyone/anyone would look nice if you're in POV and you see the Boost gauge goes up and down as the RPM rises, same story with Torque gauge also Have a good one! Also this videos shows a great represantation of how the display works as in RPM Gauge
  13. Anyone knows whats the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Sound file's name? I can't find it at all. Anyone knows? Thank you!
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