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  1. Unfortunately the "Solar Crown" and the "Racing School" cars have related performance with their standard equivalent cars in database.
  2. Hello and thank you Diablo, but unfortunately I still can not manage attachments.
  3. Two soundtracks that are great to listen to while playing TDU2. :cool:
  4. I also need to edit the post, because after a several months I did update to my modification (TDU2 Performance Pack) in section "TDU2 - Mod Shop".
  5. After a long break I did updates, but I can't edit the first post in this thread to add a new file to download. WTF?
  6. [COLOR=#454545]New update to TDU2 Performance Pack! In last version grip in Veyrons was not too good - sorry for that. @gadd3008 Yes, I forgot about that. :/ But in my next big upgrade after release the new Autopack, I will make that optional version with tdu original setup of spoilers. Please be patient. ;)[/COLOR]
  7. @Dextcloud I have already answered your question last time. But I see that you have a problem with reading comprehension and doing research of my data. You probably watched this video: But you did not read the description, where is written: "the 1.6l engine, prepared by my self". My data is from: Volkswagen Garbus – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia VW Käfer 1302 Citroën 2 CV — Wikipédia Citroën 2CV - Wikipedia "Azam" or not "Azam", 2CV 425 cc or 602 cc look exactly the same. I gave a faster version, because even this version need from 0 to 100 kph 28 seconds. Do you really want a slower version? If you still can not accept facts then this is just your problem. PS. Guys also remember about the aerodynamics. Comparing a pretty modern car like Peugost 106 with similar power to project from World War II is ridiculous. Look for example at windscreen in VW, it's almost the same aerodynamic like a window in the kiosk.
  8. Server is not permanently off, but last times situtation looks that server is up a few days and next is down some 2 weeks. :/
  9. You can try yet unlock/make a rule in your firewall for remote adress for TestDriveUnlimited.exe.
  10. For me, best cars from that pack are Ruf CTR Yellow Bird and Louts Elise SC, because they have lightest bnk files - it's important for my FPS. ;) (Anyway I am curious from which game are models these two cars?)
  11. Yes, you must open port 8889 in your firewall. BTW TDU Project Paradise is using ports 1900 and 9889 too, but creators of that client didn't write about it. So if further you will not be able to connect to the server, you should open that ports too.
  12. If for you relaxation speed is something around 200 kph, I am in. ;)
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