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    To be honest, I also value the trees. I have bought a huge library of trees for my projects (Including ATG: Kish) and I make trees for my projects with those 3D models. I use SpeedTree and planned to use all the actual trees of the actual island of Kish for my ATG: Kish project. I would be glad if you guys can check it out in the here. My favorite trees are Date, Coconut and Palm. :) [ATTACH=full]32336[/ATTACH]
  2. Having a little bit of experience in web design and networking, What do you think about 1) banning the crawlers and the bots so that they will not scan those uploaded files? 2) Deleting the screenshot thread and adding a social image gallery manager? People would use the gallery section for uploading their contents. I guess this way the screenshots would actually be more visible to the community, too. Talking about website enhancement, I recommend connecting this website to super-active social media platforms for young car lovers like CarThrottle for making more people come here. Perhaps these could be helpful tips for TDuck. :)
  3. These are some test video of our TDuck community project, learn more about it here. Older video: Older than the above video: Older than the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHqS7eTc7Ik
  4. This movie worth watching! You'll miss the 90s JDM after watching it for sure!!
  5. //New video! What's New You can see its current (temporary) physics engine in 3rd person view and it is with a wheel input The GoPro mode now directly supported, This mode is added for better feeling the speed Better graphics THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT AS THIS SCENE DOESN'T GRAPHICALLY SHOWS ATG: KISH. Don't forget to check my previous post to see how easy modding the game is. I would be glad if you share your comment & support this project. _______________________________________________ just curious, how did you get the voice Thanks for your comment, at least someone commented something Anyway, I use this TTS service. Guess this is the best and most natural one.
  6. That is a good idea! The problem is, I can't access Patreon at the moment. I concluded I have to continue keeping this project as just a hobby. __________________________ To wrap it up: There are no donation pages or related services for this project. I won't treat the project as a serious project. There are no plans for releasing a beta version, currently. Kind regards.
  7. Thanks for commenting, Next video will have the 3rd person view just for this case. The video you talked about is mainly for the "GoPro mode".
  8. Okay, As Germans say halt du uns auf dem Laufenden! Keep us informed about your project! :)
  9. ATG's temporary physics debug mode... hopefully will be upgraded to something better soon!! (Neither the Lambo nor the track is made by me, None of them will be included in the video game)
  10. Hey @Milli I wonder if any new update for TDU PE is available or not... . :) How many stuffs are left to do? :)
  11. Hi TDU Iceman, 100% Agree with you, but for the part that you asked for map modding, I have to say it is not possible at the moment and it is not planned for the project. That is because Unity's current terrain system for big cities is like a raw fish, you have to "bake" it before using it - sorry if you're a vegetarian didn't have a better example at the moment. The process of baking a terrain is only possible in the game engine itself. I'm interested how EuroTruck Sim handles the modded cities, I have never heard of adding a full working city to a game - except GTA, which in that case it is not a simple task. Hey Zoqqer Thanks for the feedback, I definitely take notes from it. However, There are important notes that I would like to tell: The Nurburgring scene is completely different and is not part of the game, literally everything except the physics. Therefore please don't review the graphics. The graphics of the project was shown in the video before this one. The cars were not 100% using the real-life values, the Peugeot car uses unrealistic values so that the video could look cool. I had the car - with its older Citroen-Peugeot engine - in real life, you can't go above 100 km/h with it...! Now I comment on each of the points that you've mentioned. I will update the physics but it is how it is, I try to upgrade the entire physics system to a much better and real vehicle simulation engine soon. That might be because of: 1) the FOV (it is not wide angle when speeding), 2) lack of motion blur (except one scene in the video, I forgot to add it to the other scenes!!), 3) lack of camera and wheel shake at full rpm and also 4) lack of spicy fake noises. Other than that, the speed is simulated and it shows what the actual velocity is. I won't add fake camera vibrations as it is going to be VR at some point.
  12. ATG: Kish Physics Test In these videos, you'll see its physics system, Remember everything is in beta. 1st iteration test: Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHqS7eTc7Ik [*]2nd iteration test: Improved physics for tires water physics for windshield added ( Inspired by DriveClub's rain FX) Improved sound system Watch it here: _________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for your feedback. That is one of the Speedtree tree models that I have spent quite of resources for them, I manually optimized all of them!! They better look good There are GBs of trees for the project, all the trees are on the real island. However, I have to do a research for their Palm, Coconut and Date trees more. Not sure if they have Chinese variants there or not. And About the topology of the island: While I know canyons races and mountain roads are exciting for us car lovers, "drifters", and car gamers, I believe that is a nightmare for level designers as height map data is really a huge problem in both pre and post game level designing phases. Kish is a great place for the project, it is surrounded by water, nobody ever simulated that before which makes it unique. And although it is about two times bigger than GTA V's map, it is almost a desert - just like Dubai - and it is almost flat which makes me able to design the project. Back in the day when I was starting to "simulate" the island, I wanted to test and simulate another place where there are mountains and it is much more beautiful than Kish IMO -also it is in Iran. and when I opened its GIS data, my whole laptop was about to explode - I use one mid-level laptop with 8GB of RAM to design the game. And at that time there was not a plugin or a good "GIS data to mesh" converter or anything like that, I made the whole island by myself manually in 3DS Max and with custom scripts for Unity, which took around a year or so. So not only technical limitation but also time limitation is one of the reasons I chose the small, flat and cozy Kish island. More about these things to come to its official website. But don't worry, I already have thought about that. The project's name is "Around The Ground" for a reason, there is a possibility that I add another place to it when possible.
  13. If you're interested in this video, chances are you're a petrolhead!! :D Edit: I'll add that Lambo to ATG: Kish, if possible!
  14. Sunday night is the time I show you guys the car physics simulation test. Don't miss it. I have spent my last dollars of my bank account buying brand-new shoes just to make the video look better, you better watch it. :D __________________________ 0. That is sad, Hope more people (especially, modders) see this and support me as this is a community project. 1. There could be real cars in the game but their names and models should not represent their real-life counterparts and ultimately, the 3D models ought to either designed by me or they should be commercially legal to be used in the video game. This is the legal way and so I have to do it this way if I ever want to add a car to the game. 2.Cool. 3. I don't have time for that, doing all the "actual" work take a lot... and I mean a lot!... of time, as I do the whole process of the project alone. But good for you, though. I check out your project, too!! Good job :) 4.Hah! In that case, we are on the same page then! This is my passion project, which means it is what it is :) Oh I also made a realistic license plate manager which defines the car ID, In other words, the license plate registration policy of an in-game car is actually the same as in real life, That also is the car's ID.
  15. That doesn't matter I guess. BTW, Any updates for your project?
  16. Thanks for your reply, I will reply you line by line. I expected more engagement from people, though :unsure: . Where are the others?! There will be no real cars in the game due to the expensive car licensing laws :eek:, those in the video were just for the show :geek:. People have to add their cars to the game and I designed it to be an easy process. Remember, the game is free :). This is a community project, modders can help to finish this project. I am trying hard to make the physics as realistic as possible, it is up to the modder of cars if the car behavior would be realistic or not. Of course, this was just a prototype. I think you are aware that when developing a project, you don't start with the details. :) Would you explain more? :mhmm: I'm afraid I did not exactly understand that. _____________________________________ Its car physic behavior test will be shared tomorrow, :duck: .
  17. Are you ready? The very first official "Around The Ground: Kish" video-clip [part 1 of 2] It took ~3 hours for each minute of this video and a week for all the works. Kindly, I would be glad if you like and share it if it is possible. In this video, I tried to show the concept, the island, some visual and gameplay aspects of the project. Everything except the real scenes is in-game. The pieces of music are by me (the last one, yes I do 3D modeling, programming, And music composing which I'm really not good at it) and KV.
  18. Tomorrow, I am going to share the Tech-demo video which covers some of the technical and conceptual aspects of the project. The video is not done, yet. Friday I will share another video which is me driving in a scene - Nurburgring, to be exact - with some cars to show how the physics and the sound simulation work.
  19. The model is kinda messy but it is not very terrible,tho. About the rain shader: Yes that's me there. The rain shader is going to be shared for free after finishing this project as it is not very stable and optimized. The realtime rain effect is actually not that expensive, Here is a demo of it with ~2000 water particles in an older version of the project. Also I was playing with keyboard in the video. I'm going to work on its shader and the way the water drops behave, when possible. Nearly everything is either in pre-alpha or alpha and some in beta versions.
  20. Until Wednesday. have a look at these images. This is a series of images showing how I modeled a car in 3DS Max. I used to have and drive the car in real life and it also was the test car for the ATG: Kish project. _______________________________________________ Yes! those are sometimes tricky to use The video will come in 2 days from now.
  21. These are some screenshots of my own driving simulator software/videogame which is called "Around The Ground: Kish" (call it Kish, if you like). More contents in about this project is available here. [ATTACH=full]32081[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]32079[/ATTACH] Visit this link for more info about the project. [ATTACH=full]32080[/ATTACH]
  22. Not sure if it's only me or not, But I find the 2012 model more attractive. I don't mind driving either of them!!
  23. If it's free to apply then why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I'd show my 3D models to Playground Games, if I were a serious 3D modeler!
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