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  1. Okay, I'm already done with Re:Zero (I'm surprised about it either). Some thoughts/messages I posted in TDuck Discord while watching (WARNING, SPOILERS): Also I updated the first post about my plans. Hope this may be useful for other people too
  2. Hi people. Since I got a plenty of time I don't wanna waste on just gaming, I'm planning to watch some animes. And I'd like to get here your suggestions about that to watch. Note that I'm not really a fan of animes and movies in general. Take it easy Here's what I've watched so far, I'll probably start with similar things: - Naruto / Naruto Shippuden / Boruto (maybe skipped some fillers, idc about them) - Sword Art Online (all seasons, including the current one being trash imo) - Attack On Titan (all seasons) - Death Note - Initial D (all except the last season) - Re: Zero Current plans (not in particular order): - Wangan Midnight - Log horizon - Overlord - No game no life - Mahouka koukou - Youjo senki - Made in abyss - Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashikku Rekōdo - Boku No Hero Academic And please don't suggest: - long ass things like One Piece or Bleach. I'm a newbie - stuff with a lot of dismemberment scenes like Re: Zero. It was kind of an exception because I started watching and wasn't expecting heads, arms and legs flying around without their owners. That's why I didn't include Kiseju Diablo suggested in my plans. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against blood at all, I'm against "cutting people like butter / slice of daily life" (© Diablo, 2019). Also I like melee fighting. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'd drive Corvair if it wasn't that slow. How about giving it some steroids in the tuning shop and getting it back? If possible of course. Also I liked the Cien, coolest Cadillac ever. Never mind, I'll get it back myself :) BTW I was about to ask, how about replacing some of the showroom models with others to get more slots to put cars? E.g. there was a ex-Saleen dealership with only 3 car capacity. You can replace it with another showroom model that can have more cars inside. I've tried that with bike dealerships and it works (there were some unused ones by the way). You just need to make sure it doesn't look weird (the building doesn't block the road and there's no grass inside lol). Besides would be cool to replace some car rents with car lots, but I don't think that's possible :/
  4. Seems like we're getting close to the release, huh? There aren't too many letters and manufacturers left, I guess. Keep up! You're doing great, Milli!
  5. Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary...that's what gets you.
  6. After messing with this screenshot for a half and hour with my poor photo editing skills, I don't really feel guilty so set it as a wallpaper. Thanks Milli :D P.S. might improve a little bit more.
  7. Looks really cool, good luck man, hope you'll find some awesome people to build this project up! ;)
  8. Hi again. What about a moonlight mod? Like making the sun shine white-blue-ish, and the rest darker (not that dark so we couldn't see anything). And a trainer or something like that to make the car's headlights always remain turned on without holding Enter. It should look like driving offroad in TDU 2. I tried to make this myself but couldn't figure how it works :/ And sorry for my English :D
  9. She can replace the window animation with roof animation, I've seen such a mod(Lotus Exige mod by Rule). But about separate roof animation...not sure.
  10. Here it is: [MEDIA=googledrive]15QvET064HjgOtZDtmBZ8x_PVsgED8tYf[/MEDIA] Update: HELL YEAH, I DID IT! Just put the game folder in "TDUMainFolder" value, now it runs. Now I think everything will work properly. @Milli and @Djey, thanks for attention and support! Gonna go and try to convert some cars ^_^
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