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  1. Hmmm, where in the game were you able to take this shot?


    Looks... Typically awe-inspiring.

    1. TDU Iceman

      TDU Iceman

      Eastern side of the map, here.

  2. Milli, curious question I wanna ask you: How did you edit the events in the game? Because I'd love to replace one of the weaker (IMO) time events in the game with that of a timed lap around the Oahu Raceway track. Something like this for example:
  3. I love the fact that you can buy a Ford Transit van AND a Volkswagen Type 2, Rebuilda. There's an even faster version of the former, too. *hint hint*
  4. Yo Blake, great to see you here on Turboduck! I gotta tell you, this game has struck an excellent cord with me, too. Infact, I've always said this, but I love this game so much, I'd even be willing to organize some road trips/cruises and shoot the stuff with you and other members of this site, which includes you.
  5. @Milli Have I said my thanks to you yet? If no, let me say it. You, along with the other modders that contributed to the project, have done something that I thought was never going to be possible: You've all made Test Drive Unlimited relevant again. So everyone gets my thanks for it. I would really love to participate in a full 8-man cruise with you guys one of these days...
  6. REALLY tempted to see if anyone here would be interested in a cruise for TDU Platinum. Not sure which section I'd have to use to make the proper thread though

    1. totalnuts


      TDU Platinum downloaded and installed,  cars are awesome for what i saw, was nice to see, i have to confess that i mis the game a lot over the years, still using my old online proflie "totalnuts" which i made available for offline gaming as soon as i got the news that the servers where going down, however since i have it on my new pc here i keep crasing into cars that are not there, traffic behaves like maddness also, pity not able to even cruise as i used to do

    2. iZ GunDaM

      iZ GunDaM

      Totalnuts, I think that has something to do with V-Sync. Check here:



      And if you have the Project Paradise Launcher, just tick the V-Sync option next time you get it up and running.

  7. Hey people, I'm seriously having a blast with Test Drive Unlimited Platinum. Loving the nods to other popular culture in terms of the upgrades, too. The only thing that honestly surprises me is just how... Lacking the customization still is, in terms of updated clothing. So I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm requesting some new biker gear and custom clothing, like this: Biker helmets: - Shoei Xspirit 3 (Color variations could include the latest Marc Marquez design, as well as John McGuiness's 2019 helmet) - AGV Corsa R (With some variations based on Valentino Rossi's designs from 2019 and earlier, also featuring Barry Sheene and Guy Martin's design) - Arai RX7-V - Shark Race R helmet (Featuring a color variation based on Lorenzo's 2019 helmet) Biking suits are whatever, though some updated texturing + more color variations wouldn't hurt. As for clothing mods in general... Hmmmm, I'm thinking an Austin 3:16 t shirt for one. And for another, maybe some shirts based on music artists like Megadeth and such? Unsure really, but I'd appreciate it if you're able to mod and replace the Redrabbit helmets, even moreso if you were to do the clothing mod as a bonus of sorts. Thanks for reading in advance.
  8. Believe me Eudemon, this site would have crashed a 1,000 times over if I really was Elon Musk
  9. At the time I made that post, I did not. But I did end up figuring it out in the end.
  10. Weird question I wanna ask everyone here: Is it possible to delete one of the radio stations in the game to make room for my new one, or is that a no? I only ask this, because I've downloaded a whole batch of songs I want to put into my game
  11. Damn, I've missed this game. Special shoutouts to HGCentral on Youtube for helping me to re-introduce me to a game I had thought I'd long forgotten. Used to play it on the ol' Xbox 360 (Second best console to have ever existed after the PS2 in my eyes!), so I decided to create this account. Hope to see you all in Hawaii, and maybe shoot the stuff together!
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