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  1. Look, i cannot explain anything without swearing okay? I must swear.
  2. Not my problem, it's their problem. As for non-mainstream games, yes. I like outdated, dead games and im still hoping one of them to return, i check back reguralarly.
  3. I'm not taking no excuses for joking about me being "Ooyama" but unfortunately the mods didn't take the joke so they went special-ed kids.
  4. Mods are justified? more like injustified. Bridges ain't burned, man. Im telling you the truth but you just wanna listen to those cocksuckers.
  5. @Rigel You are stupid. Yes, you know why? Because you are acussing me for being that person and i already confirmed it while back ago that i'm not Ooyama. Geez, tell me how did you pass high school anyway?
  6. Im throwing the badge away, you guys ain't good in any thing. Can't even believe jackshit. I already told you many times and even more, i told you I'AM NOT OOYAMA!!
  7. Are you serious? I didn't sign up for a shitshow like this. Mods are fucking stupid and they accused me for being Ooyama. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Geez, Diablo you surely you suck big time... You know, what. Fuck you and your community. Im outta here, thanks a lot. Asshole.
  8. Don't make this ugly on yourself, boi. Im only asking you to unban me, that's it.
  9. I'm sorry but why the discord server of turboduck fucking sucks? ohh yeah lemme tell ya why, you got two childish mods whom names "K3 and tduiceman" both of them cannot take a fucking joke. Eudemon, i cannot believe you picked two amateurs to moderator your server and cannot take a single joke. I've been on your server for FUCKING! 6 months! That's right, six months i've been on the server and then in the end i get banned by these lunatics?! Now i would like you to unban me. And put these two clowns aside.
  10. I'm afraid you gonna have to mod it by yourself. Do not expect the community in here to help you, it all depends on you and your work.
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